Characterized As (Sonnet)

Characterized As

We may be characterized as a couple,
but you are a tree and I am the breeze
that settles in its branches, the oh-so supple
breeze—I say this conscious of its cheez-
iness, and all the jokes arising from wind,
knowing too that usually when I nestle,
fold up in your crook of trunk and limb,
we tend to do the crossword puzzle.
Still, it’s not fair to call us simply a pair,
when you have been my hearth, and my hearth’s desire–
And I have been your—I don’t know—fresh air—
For sure, you could have sung without my lyre,
grown outside my ground, but once our wounds wrapped ‘round,
we were bound, we were bound, we were bound. 


A sonnet for a Monday. Have a good day.

(The drawing and poem are mine; as always, all rights reserved.)

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2 Comments on “Characterized As (Sonnet)”

  1. Susan Says:

    Good morning-


    div>This po

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