After the Injury/Nights

After the Injury/Nights

If only you could sleep
like a horse, standing. 

Though I guess your feet, then,
would have to be hooves,
and I don’t think I could sleep
next to four hooves.

But you cannot sleep standing, so,
as it is, you wake through the night, try to pace away
the pain, readjust the pillows and
the hard foam wedge, re-build
the pyramid. 

Because you also cannot sleep
lying down,
and so you swivel to the side of the bed, stand,
pace a little more—
I ask if I can do anything—
you say, no, you say it helps
to move. 

I ask again, later, is there anything
I can do—
you say no, again, later, that it helps
to move—

I ask again, later,
you say, no again, later—

So, it goes, these twists of fate and later
that end up shuffling in the night, trading pain
for exhaustion. 

Then, at last, you do sleep;
and now it’s your breath
that softly paces—
I listen, not asking
for anything more.


Hello!  I’m sorry to be so out of touch!  Mishap has come my way, and I have had little time.  I hope all are well. 

P.S. The picture is mine.  I have a lot of drawings of horses, but they were none quite right, so I thought the hourglass was a bit more fitting.  Take care!

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2 Comments on “After the Injury/Nights”

  1. Helen Says:

    Whatever the mishap, may it soon be resolved. Pacing away the pain is often the only way to ease it, until exhaustion sets in and the body acquiesces.

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