I have been so cold
all day,
one hand mittening a tea mug, the other icicling
rough lips, a quaking

Why have you come to me, virus?
When I was already too sad
to be sick.

But that’s how it works, you whisper,

while me, I sniff, and tell myself
 that time will surely bring

and tell myself how still I must change
my life,
and wonder whether I will now.

Another drafty poem for April and for the Real Toads prompt about the monster that’s a bad roommate, this the rhinovirus currently camped out in my throat and nose. 

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7 Comments on “Cold”

  1. isadoragruye Says:

    Such a clever spin on the prompt, K. This troublesome roommate can be vanished by some Pho and a good Hot Toddy. Thanks for taking an unwell moment to share. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Jim Says:

    Get well quick, Karin. It’s hot and then cold in the hospital where we’ve been helping a Brother/BIL. He has had a foot of colon removed, a growth turned cancerous.

  3. Susie Clevenger Says:

    A cold can definitely be an unwelcome roommate.

  4. Oh yes, that’s an uninvited guest one could well do without! Hope you succeed in banishing it soon.

  5. Kerry Says:

    When I was already too sad
    to be sick.

    This says it all… I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Brendan Says:

    Great to see someone take the challenge here. The flu is such a disastering master, hollowing out the master species just so. And the extra punch which makes this an even better poem is the mortality and humility of the last stanza. Death is the ever-master, not us. Well done Karin.

  7. sanaarizvi Says:

    Sigh … now that is one roomate that is never welcome. Terrific write, K ❤

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