What They Want of Us (Certain Lawmakers)

by Jason Limberg

What they want of us  (Certain Lawmakers)

To reproduce like rabbits.
No, just to be rabbits, pussy soft hares,
mute and cute.

To just shut up and hop to it;
mute and cute. 


Thinking of current assaults on Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood in the U.S. (and on women’s rights generally).  For Kerry’s prompt on Real Toads; the pic is a wonderful ink drawing by Jason Limberg.          .The views expressed here are stricttly my own and have no connection to Jason. 

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12 Comments on “What They Want of Us (Certain Lawmakers)”

  1. wildchild47 Says:

    oh wow – most scathing and excellent word play Karin !
    tight and powerful is the leap of imagination –

  2. Jim Says:

    I like this, K. Too, the “mute and cute” repeat.

  3. kanzensakura Says:

    An interesting play on words and the picture.

  4. Well said!

    (And fewer and fewer of us are inclined to please them.)

  5. Oh, they wish we would keep quiet! But hear us roar! I cant believe they are trying to roll back rights fought for so long and hard. How quickly they could send us back to 1950.

  6. sanaarizvi Says:

    Exactly! But not all of us would be mute and play along 😉

  7. Kerry Says:

    I love how you used the prompt to make a bold and needful statement about the way the world is turning – forever dragging women back to the status of bunny girl.

  8. I will not stay mute. Great poem, K.

  9. Helen L Dehner Says:

    Perfection in your Succinctness.

  10. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar Says:

    Well, we have different political views, but you used this to your advantage and effectively. 🙂

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