When Thinking Of Scars

When Thinking of Scars

I have heard that Buddhists ask
what one should do in a world filled
with sharp stones? 

Should we cover the world with
soft leather, so that we might walk
where we will?
Or should we simply cover
our feet?

I tend to wear thickish shoes,
my skin so thin.


Drafty poem for Sherry”s prompt on Real Toads.

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8 Comments on “When Thinking Of Scars”

  1. I cant tell you how much i love this, and how perfect it is! Absolutely wonderful! Thanks, kiddo.

  2. sanaarizvi Says:

    This is deeply touching, K! ❤️

  3. Brendan Says:

    Therein lies the rub …

  4. Kerry Says:

    I go barefoot most of the time.

  5. wildchild47 Says:

    absolutely wonderful — and I’m with Kerry!

  6. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar Says:

    protect yourself and move on!

  7. M Says:

    a splendid rumination ~

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