Somewhen a car roams,
the shape of my torso already
ghosting its hood;
stairs I will have fallen down
a stream slips around the sometime rocks
in my pockets;
the sea breathes me.

They all speak late at night, sotto voce–
They think that I don’t hear them.
(They know that I hear them.)
(They count upon my hearing them.)

In the cone that is a too-bright light lit late,
the car hood blinks, the stairs shrug,
the stream blushes – the sea too feels sheepish–embarrassed all
by how they need me
to make them into fates–
embarrassed all of them, but not so embarrassed
as to simply let me be.

Another would-be poem for Sanaa’s prompt on Real Toads about late nights.  It is difficult for me to return comments till this weekend, but will. 


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6 Comments on “Somewhen”

  1. wildchild47 Says:

    how interesting is the voice, tone and pacing in this?
    it’s wonderfully refreshing and I really like how you’ve punctured and punctuated the “night” bubble/dreamscape ideas of ill-fate, by giving these “beasts” human emotions, projected – and wow, the reclamation! it’s really quite powerful.

    a thoroughly enjoyable pleasure to sink into this and just savour 🙂

  2. sanaarizvi Says:

    Gorgeously rendered, K ❤

  3. Was it Merwin’s the poem about the anniversary of his death coming around each year (at that time unknown)? I like this more specific exploration. Intriguing, the “think that I don’t hear them” with the parenthetic phrases. Also, there is some claiming power yourself here. It’s not that the fates act on you, but that they need you to become fates in the first place. Lots of chewy good stuff to chew on here.

  4. This was a pleasure to read. Unique in its rhythms.

  5. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar Says:

    the rhythm here is unique and fun.

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