This Chair Not A Political Hack

This Chair Not a Political Hack

The chair contemplated
the bums it had supported, fated, it seemed,
to be rated
bottom rung,
catching what might otherwise fall
between the cracks.

What the chair wished:
to be for once the one who tables
the motion,
who starts a movement with legs,
makes others do its bidding;
not hidden
beneath the suits and toots.

The thing, it thought woodenly:
to take a stand–
But life was not fair
to this chair,

and the chair?
It just sat there,and took it, oh yeah-

A joke to lift some of the political gloom.  I am sorry to be slow returning comments but very grateful for them.  This is written for HA prompt on Real Toads to write from the perspective of an object.  He quotes a beautiful Wallace Stevens poem, that could not be more different. 

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5 Comments on “This Chair Not A Political Hack”

  1. M Says:

    LOL. nice, K ~

  2. Brendan Says:

    A hoot from toot to suit in the wooden conceit of wishing to be more than throne to asses. (Montaigne lamented the same.) Maybe we’d get more done (or be contented more with our lot) if we would allow the parody to sink in.

  3. Kerry Says:

    Love it, karin. The second stanza cracked me up!

  4. Ha! Now that was some cheeky humour which is so good to read. Love it!

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