Straw Drew

Straw Drew

Dear Nancy,
I could never be
your twin–no Bobbseys, we.
My dad simply would not be
a town-leading attorney,
nor, however loving,
would he ever give me
a convertible.
I did have blonde hair
but it would not curl under.

Still there wasn’t much
that could tear us asunder,
for a time there
in the basement under
your yellow covers
where owls could be seen
to who
and clocks
to hickory,
where Mylai was maybe some weird cocktail
that you would never drink,
where everyone but the bad guys
were good yet you
were always gooder
but in a good way, meaning
with lipstick

and I was allowed in,
as unseen onlooker
sort of like when, snooping, you hid in a closet,
but not.


Drafty poem for Magaly Guererro’s prompt on Real Toads to write to a book.  This to the Nancy Drew mysteries by Carolyn Keene. It feels rather trivial in the face of all going on in the Caribbean and Florida, still here it is–


Drawing is mine–all rights reserved.  k. 

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5 Comments on “Straw Drew”

  1. Rosemary Nissen-Wade Says:

    I love both poem and drawing! Those early loves are lasting.

  2. Love the drawing, and am in complete accord with you on these wonderful books.

  3. Sherry Marr Says:

    Cool poem and a wonderful sketch, kiddo.(

  4. It is always nice to have a book that makes us feel welcome. Love your artwork.

    I didn’t start reading the Nancy Drew books until the Little Princess started reading them. She enjoyed the first few, then began criticizing the Nancy’s dad’s parenting skills (according to the Little Princess no responsible parent would allow a child to do all that stuff… It was hilarious to watch her argue with the books).

  5. I love Nancy Drew series.. they were one of the first books I read as a kid… and I love your poem even more!❤️

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