Trumping the Lord’s Prayer

Trumping the Lord’s Prayer

Oh Donald,
we were never a heaven,
but now hollowed
is our name–
a kingdom of guns
if thy will be done
the earth will have
no haven.
Day-to-day run
by bread,
leaders in bed
with temptation
delivering us to the upheaval
of thine King Dumb, craving
power and gory
hopefully not


Something like that.  For Brendan’s prompt on Real Toads, in part about power.  Pic, such as it is, is mine.  All rights reserved. 

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10 Comments on “Trumping the Lord’s Prayer”

  1. Bev Says:

    I’m happy to note I was not the only one who noted our not-so-noble leader said he stood on “hollowed” ground! Someone said he’s so dumb if he fell down he would miss the ground. Your poem is inspired!

  2. Best. Poem. Ever. about the donald. OMG!!!!!!! I toad-ally love it!

  3. This needs to go to New Verse News. Excellent writing!

  4. Kerry Says:

    Oh Wow! How brilliant! King Dum…

  5. This is absolutely brilliant!

  6. kim881 Says:

    Brilliantly done!

  7. Brendan Says:

    Shakespeare wrote “Macbeth” as a tragedy to unlearn evil — to press our face so deep in the mire we never want to go there again. Ergo Donald and his golden mace of a scepter. Brilliant response to the challenge.

  8. This poem is sheer brilliance! Love it.

  9. gillena Says:

    This is BRILLIANT!!!

    much love…

  10. Yes stupidity it is… but maybe we have been to used to give the answers, when questions are so much more powerful… and we hope it’s not forever but there seems to be a succession of others following.

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