Old Couple (She, Swedish)










I am re-posting this poem for Fireblossom’s prompt on With Real Toads, to post a best or favorite poem. I do not think this is my best or favorite poem, but when I was looking through different things, I just felt the urge to go with it, because I like the presentation. I hope it is legible.

Alternative titles were Old Couple Grown Older and That Same Night (which was the original title.)

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23 Comments on “Old Couple (She, Swedish)”

  1. Marian Says:

    Karin! just trumpet this wonderful thing! whimsical, affecting, poignant, all of it. i think this is truly fantastic! LOVE.

  2. Helen Dehner Says:

    Gloriously legible!!! Sweet poetry, artwork and presentation all beyond wonderful!!!

  3. I feel so privileged to get the chance to read this poem. It is a tour de force, in my opinion. Sensitive, tender without being sentimental, and just rings so true about dependency on others, and growing older. I really like the title ‘That Same Night’ since the other seems to state the obvious. That Same Night reminds me that though things chance, love remains the same.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thank you so much, Kerry, for all your wonderful blogs. I like “that same night” too but didn’t know if people would catch the age or the Northern temperaments without the hint. I was happy to find this poem again as I did it right after I first was lucky enough to get an iPad on one of those poem a day months when I was trying to come up with new things every day. I’ve moved away from drawing on the iPad lately but may try it again– especially since now I’ve learned about these stylus things which are very handy. Thanks again. I love those dead woman poems– they are so powerful and delicate at once. K.


  4. grapeling Says:

    k, this is swoonderful. that almost sounds swedish, even. presentation, content. i’m reminded of shel silverstein. ~

  5. hedgewitch Says:

    The presentation is really integral here, and adds another facet to the words–I think it combines the best of your talents for visual and written images…and the message, so simple and understated, comes flying through perfectly. And of course, I like the Swedish reference–though in many ways, That Same Night is a more poetic sort of title.Thanks for posting this, k…its take on this topic is well-worth being called best.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I think the Swedish reference gives a certain je-ne-sais quoi – as some say. (Ha.) I should probably say Swedish -American. Thanks, Joy. I think I should do more visual/text stuff as I like it and I’m not at all good enough to be an actual illustrator, but it allows one to do that at a low level, which is fun. k.

  6. coalblack Says:

    The presentation is absolutely unique and an utter delight. Thanks for giving me the chance to see this poem!

  7. Susan Chast Says:

    I like “That Same Night ” for a title. In the walk, you evoke age so well that I see myself walking with my grandmother. Her man died when she was in her 60s and she lived to 102, so I do not know if she also reached her hand in waking or dream time. But gosh, what a gift you give us by reposting this love poem.

  8. brian miller Says:

    really an emotional write…makes me think of The Notebook a bit…which was a tear jerker for me…i am such a sucker and wuss…ha…enduring love…its a beautiful thing….cool presentation as well k

  9. Sherry Marr Says:

    I prefer “That Same Night” too – and LOVE that, in the end she lets him “pocket” her hand…..way cool.

  10. Brendan Says:

    I just adore this …. It’s such a pure and sweet and lasting love song. The presentation is immaculate.

  11. Beautiful, and I agree with everything Kerry said.

  12. Herotomost Says:

    Glad you went with the urge, I have never seen this and think it is splendid, the form and the thought are so perfect with each other and that script and the colors made me very happy. Great work!

  13. Simplicity is always sincerity ~ Hand in hand beauty! Faithfully Debbie

  14. janehewey Says:

    The simplicity rings with love. We know the two must have years of experiences together, and the most important of all is shown through your words.

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