What Little Dog Don’t Like (Flash Friday 55)


What Little Dog Don’t Like

“Top Dog” sound good when you’re jes’ small,
but, Little Dog, he don’t like to fall.
Don’t like to tumble, fumble, spill,
(better stay humble, low and still.)

But stand at base, you bear the weight,
and, Little Dog–he don’t like that fate.
What he also hate are stupid clothes-
Grrr-grrr ribbons, grrr-grrr bows.


55 for the inimitable G-Man, if you don’t count ever single grrr as a separate word.  (And you better not, growl!)

I am also daring to post this as a set of really profound thoughts for a Real Toads prompt with Heretomost.  They are very profound thoughts for Little Dog.

All rights to the drawing, as of all materials on this blog, (except where specifically excepted), belong to me.  Please, in other words, do not reproduce without permission.  Thanks!

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22 Comments on “What Little Dog Don’t Like (Flash Friday 55)”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    Medium-size dog .. he do love this!

    (couldn’t bring myself to identify as big or huge dog)

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    LMAO, dear k, at the poem, the angst of Little Dog, and your explanation. I’m glad I already did my 55, because you know how hard it is to follow an animal act. ;_)

  3. brian miller Says:

    hahaha if i was a dog, i would not like little clothes either….
    nice 55 little dog…ha.

  4. G-Man Says:

    Karin Dearest…
    I knew you’d come back, I just knew it!!!
    It’s great to be worked in your busy day.
    I really appreciate it…:-)
    Your doggie poetry and wonderful artwork is a joy to behold
    Loved your late but fun 55
    Thanks for playing, I just LOVE it when you write such creative stuff. Have a Kick Ass Week End

  5. Susan Says:

    I’m glad to hear a doggy’s protest about the clothes! I’ve never seen the act, but what an embarrassment to add to the insult of ruffles. I love all the internal and end rhyme which lifts the mood and makes me laugh–but with the dog, not at him.

  6. I cringe at dressed dogs…loved the humor in this. Hopefully Little Dog will get his revenge. 🙂

  7. ha ha. I DO put on a warm coat for my little Yorkie… but no cute clothes. Hysterical. I don’t want to be bottom or top dog. Middle child, I am!

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I do actually keep a coat on my 18 year old dog a lot of the time. Poor Little Dog has circus clothes though, I guess. You must deal with all kinds of birth order issues, Margaret, with your family. They must be so interesting! k.

  8. The Real Cie Says:

    I used to have two dachshunds. The female loved wearing clothes. She was a short hair and would get cold, so I put little sweaters on her. Her brother would have none of being clothed and would literally tear anything you put on him off.

  9. Jinksy Says:

    Grrrr-grrr thoughts a great!

  10. really enjoyed this piece of writing.

  11. claudia Says:

    some dogs wear not only clothes but have also colored fur – ha – i always feel a bit sad for them

  12. Herotomost Says:

    Who wouldn’t hate that!!!! Thanks for submitting….little dog definitely need to express his profound thoughts to get out of that circus….lol.

  13. Sherry Marr Says:

    I so love this! Love the tone, love the message, love the image. Made my morning!

  14. Kay Davies Says:

    “Little Dog–he don’t like that fate.
    What he also hate are stupid clothes-
    Grrr-grrr ribbons, grrr-grrr bows.”

    I love this, Karin. Our dog will patiently let us dress her up in anything, but I know that doesn’t mean she likes it. She tolerates us, for the sake of the dog food and the crunchy raw veggies.

  15. Love the poem and the illustration. And I’m growling with you on this one, too! 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  16. This is sooo cute! I never like to see little dogs dressed up in clothes – it’s so demeaning.

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