Staying on couch


Staying on a couch in the midst of a move

It’s as if the apartment were unclothed;
I cannot put on enough blanket
To warm bared walls.
It’s as if my daughter’s Beatles’ posters had been
Fringed comforters, stacked bookshelves
Quilts, photos pilot lights, paintings
Hearths, the cozy chair a cozy

Remnants of tape crust surfaces–blank nails–
Fossils of sea creatures found in desert shale–I, unmoored, grow increasingly less sure
Of what to make of them; why were they
Here, who
Do they signify?
Huddle under the slump of remaining coverlet.

In the midst of a move and staying in my vacant apartment, which has inadvertently lost wifi, so writing and posting from the iPhone. It is a great device but has limits in these circumstances. For example, it does not heat a February-chilled space! (I am truly sorry to be so whiny but it is really really cold in here! I’m not sure why.)

Poem supposed to be for dverse poets open link night.

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23 Comments on “Staying on couch”

  1. gardenlilie Says:

    Aww … Your daughter moved out? Go get warm. Good short poem.

  2. Dick Jones Says:

    The melancholy of empty nesting after so long is captured so well here, Karin.

  3. David King Says:

    It’s as if the apartment were unclothed;
    I cannot put on enough blanket
    To warm bared walls.

    Astounding thought. It captures and communicates something that when you experience it seems indefinable.

  4. brian miller Says:

    ugh…i know the feeling…our place in MD was the same….could not get warm…it was ridiculous…..dont freeze your elephants off you know….giving me shivers this morning k…

  5. Mary Says:

    You really portrayed your experience of moving vividly. It is all the treasures that one has sitting about that make a house a home. Bare walls just don’t do it….and blankets can’t do it all!

  6. hedgewitch Says:

    Our artifacts take on a potency here that we seldom think about, how they affect our view of the world and ourselves, how we stake out our little portion of the universe with them–this is a very vivid piece in its brief but intense picturing of what warms a life–I hope you can find some way to stay warm, k, till you sail on to your new island of sanity and self in the sea of confusion.

  7. Oh, I empathize with you; I can’t stand to be cold! That’s why I live in east Texas!

  8. Pamela Says:

    Karin, you do capture the desolate feel to moving. I am not fond moving for those exact feelings, and also because it is so much work. It must be horrible to move in the very cold weather, I haven’t done it in quite a few years. Good luck in your place.


  9. I interpret it to seasons in my life at present; deserted with boxes of memories, moods, matchless hopes. I’m always intrigued and wafted thru your writing like a breeze, wanting to touch ever cornered word. Thank you again ~D

  10. Other Mary Says:

    It ‘s miserable being cold. You’ve really made the most of it with this write. Well done!

  11. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    I’m sorry you’re so cold, but I love the poem, with its other-worldly quality.

  12. kkkkaty Says:

    deep thoughts come to the surface when alone and cold and had to be written down..good luck in your transition and and feeling at home soon in your new surroundings..

  13. lucychili Says:

    good luck with the moving. hope it is a wonderful new adventure =)

  14. Beth Winter Says:

    You captured that change in environment wonderfully. Best of luck.

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