In the Black Hole


Of no Internet tonight!

(Thank goodness for iPhone!)

Yes, my addiction to connection is a bit ridiculous.

(Still, thank goodness the phone also has music on it! A bit hard to dance in cold silence! )

(And if you are both wifi-less and kind of cold–I am still in the midst of moving homes this grey North East February–there is really nothing more useful than a little dancing.)

(Do not try on thin ice!)

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12 Comments on “In the Black Hole”

  1. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Ha! Dancing is good.
    When you get your Internet up, you can watch the Oscars on Hulu since you didn’t get to see them last night … though the jolly may have gone out of it … no suspence now.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Yes. I was actually hoping to look at a little bit of some of it– Daniel Day Lewis mainly. My Internet was inadvertently turned off early. It’s not such a big deal except that I had thought I could fix it fairly easily. Of course I have it at work but can’t really use it for silly stuff there! (Like Oscars.).

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Jamie – I did not know you had posted this as I could not see it! Thanks! That is very kind of you! Ha. I really can’t look at it now – still at work, but that is so sweet and fun of you to do. k.

      • Jamie Dedes Says:

        Oh, you are welcome. I also see that ABC has it up on their site for “limited time.” Hooray!

        Happy unpacking. 😦

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        Thanks – I am back in City. I don’t really HAVE to unpack for a while as I am relocating in a major way – from City to country, but I don’t have to integrate things into my little house in the country. I won’t be technically moved for a few more weeks, and then will still come back and forth, but I have a very busy April ahead, so am just trying to get things done in advance.

  2. brian miller Says:

    smiles…dancing def can help with the stress relief….just watch that ice…moving seems it will never end at times…and maybe being offline a bit isnt a bad thing…sometimes those blackouts come at the right time…smiles….

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    ARGGHHHHAAAAAHHH!!! <- Me running screaming from the concept of no internet. (Picturing stampeding elephants, also) I know I lived many many happy years without it, but I just don't even want to think about it going away. At least you know it will come back soon. Keep dancing, k. And afa the Oscars, from the clips I've seen, not a terrible loss.

  4. janehewey Says:

    could it be the snow is melting? I love connection, too. While the prospect of no internet sounds challenging, I admit I kind of yearn for the feeling that comes with its absence. How is Pearl doing amidst all the moving?

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      That picture is from upstate NY and while there is heavy ice many places, this deeper pool was open. My internet was inadvertently turned off in the City though I will be in and out (probably more in than out) for the next month. There are good aspects to it, but I will probably get it reconnected as I do use it in my other work life, even at night. Plus it’s a bit lonely.

      Pearl is okay. She really is very old at this point and very blind. At one point, disruption was terrifically hard on her as she had a muscle memory of where things were at each place, but that seems to be giving away now and she gets kind of confused in many places. She does not seem to be in pain though at least. k.

  5. ayala Says:

    Dancing will help with stress release…hard not to be connected. sorry.

  6. Ruth Says:

    I sympathize – I went through the same ‘trauma’ of no internet last week, I too being in the midst of moving house… Dancing’s a good idea.

  7. claudia Says:

    smiles…dancing helps for sure…ugh…no internet connection is a trauma.. maybe take a warm bath after the dancing to relax a bit from the moving houses..

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