Thanks! And Cherry Pie!

Washington and Cherry Pie

A quick thanks to all who bore with me through this election cycle, and most of all to this country.

I have at times been reticent to post political views on this blog.  There is, of course, the fear of offending people.

But a larger fear has been, well, of getting into some kind of trouble.  Professional, political–you name it–trouble.

Some times that hesitancy may be sensible. But when it’s truly fear – a fear that partisanship is so strong that people on the other side will simply not forgive me or like me or read me, or hire me–then I kind of shiver inside.

Because if people are fearful of writing about their beliefs, it will be very difficult to maintain democracy.  (It will also be very hard to write anything very interesting.)

I’m not saying everyone should go around shouting all the time!  And some forms of speaking out are violent, inflammatory, dishonest and really not very useful, even if legal exercises of first amendment rights.

I suspect that I’ve bordered more on the boring than the inflammatory.  Still, I just want to say – thanks.  To you who agree, and especially to you who disagree.  For reading, commenting, and simply being kind.

And to you whose candidate lost, I really do know how very stinging and sour and awful that feeling is.  All I can ask is that you believe that those on this side are as sincere and well-meaning as you believe yourselves to be.

And to those on my side, come on!  Be gracious.

I’m not sure what George Washington and Cherry Pie have to do with all of this, other than the fact that both, like the right to vote and assemble, write and draw, are things (errr… people and things) for which I am supremely thankful.


PS – Adding this later – It’s not great to gloat, but I also think acrimony will be worsened if people try to deny the victory.  To say for example that it is a narrow popular vote victory is not mathematically or historically true (if one looks at past popular votes)–it’s a victory of millions of votes, far wider than any George W. Bush popular vote victory.  (Of course, Bush lost popular vote in 2000.)

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10 Comments on “Thanks! And Cherry Pie!”

  1. Me? I’m feeling good. Hopeful. Buoyed by the women, gays, people of color, young and immigrants who came together and said we’ll keep on moving forward. Together.

  2. brian miller Says:

    smiles…i am glad we are through…and at least on the surface people are talking about working together…of course of similar minds, you dont offend me…i def think there is much freedom in being able to speak your mind…and in the end we dont all need to agree to respect one another…

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    I too am feeling tremendously relieved, not just that it’s over and President Obama has some room to preserve his programs and continue his governing philosophy, but that there wasn’t the need for a horribly divisive recount and contested vote process that led to a media feeding frenzy–I think it would have been a bitter drag on everyone.

    I know it’s hard for the losers–losing is always hard, and many feel very strongly about their politics(say, like me. ;_) ) I hope they can find some solace in a better working relationship going forward. I do feel the better man won, and that the message is for cooperation and a little more listening and less ranting. Thanks for all your posts, k–living here in Red State Universe, it was good to hear someone who felt as I did, and encouraging to see everything you did in the midst of your own difficulties to work for progress–yes, I think it’s progress. Hope you continue to stay warm and dry and powered up.

  4. From me to you, the US, and you in particular, Obama-supporting fellow blogger, a big THANK YOU! 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  5. janehewey Says:

    yep, you speak to the part of me that does not want trouble. however, on my on behalf, I admit I care less about the trouble the more years I spend here. we can not help but feel very strongly about how our country is being run. I, like Hedge, feel the better man won. I am infinitely relieved.

  6. Mama Zen Says:

    I am so relieved I can barely describe it!

  7. claudia Says:

    Because if people are fearful of writing about their beliefs, it will be very difficult to maintain democracy…i so agree k. – and doing the work you do, i think it’s even more difficult, glad that you ARE writing in such an honest and open way

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