Olive Branch (Of Sorts) To Bill O’Reilly

Imagine this as Olive Branch (no time for new sketch)

To Bill O’Reilly

Yes, Mr. O’Reilly
we want “things” – good schools, decent
jobs, a safer planet.

“Stuff” –  like
our soldiers home
with limbs
intact.  Our own bodies
our own.

You’re bile-full, Bill,
but I’m even willing
to give you some-thing
back – my belief that you too want
such things  – truly – the stuff
that dreams
are made of.


Yes, yes, I’m supposed to be working on Nanowrimo – and I am here and there – but can’t resist the call of the G-Man.  

The above are 55 words responding to Bill O’Reilly’s comments re 2012 election saying that people who voted for President Obama just wanted “things,” “stuff,” that President Obama would give them.  (I’m guessing O’Reilly thinks that Shelly Adelson and the Koch Brothers and all those who gave tens of millions to Karl Rovian PACs were not interested in getting any “things,” “stuff” out of this election.)  (I’m sorry – that last bit is snarky and I mean to be conciliatory, because I really do believe that we all want what’s best for the country; that there’s way more good faith out there than each side likes to acknowledge.) 

Have a great weekend.  I am hosting dVerse Poets Pub’s Poetics tomorrow (if I get it together) so check it out–as well as the G-Man, of course, who has a great poem today about the wonderful tradition of the Hedgewitch!  

P.S. – just realized that this is my 1400th post.  No wonder my life/health/mental health is collapsing! 


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15 Comments on “Olive Branch (Of Sorts) To Bill O’Reilly”

  1. rebelle Says:

    We are sadly polarized in need of great mediators. Well said.

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    Congrats on (Yeesh!)1400 posts! I got excited a few months ago when I hit a couple of hundred. I enjoyed this, but fear that Mr. O’Reilly really isn’t much interested in olive branches, and that this nice snappy new rhetoric of the ‘takers vs the makers,’ straight from the ransacking of Atlas Shrugged, is not a good sign. However, I too hope that the knowledge that we share this country with fellow Americans who all want the country to succeed will somehow percolate through to the minds and hearts of everyone.

    Now I have to go check the mail to see if my ‘free stuff’ has arrived yet. ;_) If not the president will hear from me!

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha! Yeah- all that free stuff! Below is the most moving video I’ve seen – much better than the victory speech really as just more quiet = is this one of Obama thanking campaign workers. It really is lovely and explains his motivations in getting involved in politics.

      I am editing this comment as my link kept coming out wrong.

      • hedgewitch Says:

        Yes, I got this in my inbox yesterday–there was a similar one before he won in 08, where he talked to his ground staff like this,simply and personally and gratefully, saying we had no choice, there were just no other options, we had to win or the country was lost–true or not, he(and I and they) certainly believed it. Here he is so human, so far from the arrogant ‘elitist’ caricature his enemies try to impose on him…I wish more people could see it with open minds. (I almost cried too.) I will miss him when he finally turns over the helm, despite all my radical lefty mutterings and disagreements at his moderation. ;_)

  3. brian miller Says:

    o reilly is a pmpous asshat that is more entertainment driven than politics…time to put the crying aside and move on…

  4. G-Man Says:

    Bill O’Reilly? Two Words…Dick Weed!!
    Loved your scathing 55 Karin.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to write a story when you have other responsibilities.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Margaret Says:

    … I love Bill O’Reilly. He isn’t talking about those who “truly” need, but those who “milk” the system, who expect the government to take care of them, not just give them a helping hand.

    No, I was not moved much by Obama’s speech as his agenda, I feel, will harm the USA tremendously.

    But I also understand you are wonderfully pleased and excited, and a “victory dance” is OK. 🙂

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks, Margaret. I must confess to not regularly watching Bill O’Reilly – I don’t really watch any TV much – just read the news. So I am perhaps unfair to single him out, except for this particular quote. I don’t think he qualified his statement, but I do understand what you mean. And I very much appreciate your understanding my happiness! I also understand how hard it is when one’s candidates lose – I’ve certainly been on that side many times. Thanks, K.

      • Margaret Says:

        🙂 It IS hard to read… Yvonne’s statement below is killing me 🙂 See, I thought Terry Gross was ridiculous and O’Reilly awesome for walking out on the interview! Ha. Oh, well… I like NPR most of the time, just glad I have XM radio to switch to FOX news when I need to calm myself.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        There are just very diverse perspectives. It’s odd. I personally can’t even see a lot of the things that some on the right accuse Obama of -it’s like we are not even listening or looking at the same man. I can actually understand why a lot on the left get mad at him as I understand that he hasn’t taken up many of the causes they wish but I honestly do not see where at least some of the accusations of the right come from, particularly given the economic circumstances of his initial election.

        But actually – his Victory Speech stressed almost all the points that Romney’s campaign made – or many of them – personal responsibility, government not solving all problems, self-governance in terms of people taking charge of their own situations – and not leaving future generations with a mountain of debt; citizenship in terms of taking responsibility.

        And I actually think a lot of the demographic stuff has been overemphasized. His campaign is very good at getting supporters to vote – but it didn’t bring more people in to the country magically – But again – this is done by a huge amount of on-the-ground work. Not coercion. But letting people know where the polling places are and that their vote matters.

        In some ways, the campaign reminds me a bit of Ron Paul – in the sense that he has some super devoted followers who are willing to put in legwork. This is something that it is difficult to do just with money. The Romney Super Pacs etc – spent something over $5.50 per vote (I’m talking here of expenditures for advertising and campaigning) while the Obama ones spent a little over $1.80. But they have a large group of volunteers who are willing to do work, and I think the volunteers are quite inspiring to the voters that they meet.

        Anyway, I know it’s a bitter time for you. All I can say is that it is helpful for everyone if one understands that there really is good faith on both sides. I have a very very close relative about to be deployed to Afghanistan (before the end of this month); I have another who has returned from several deployments; I have another whose just signed a military contract. My Dad served in two foreign wars. I also live in one of the highest tax jurisdictions in the country, and in general, I know a fair amount about taxes! (Certainly no one likes them!) But my point is that the right really should not believe that those who support O. are not patriotic or do not care about the country or do not have issues with taxes! I guess if one can understand that, it may help. K.

  6. Wonderful poem. One I wish I would’ve written. They were talking about what O’Reilly said on NPR the next day. I guess I wasn’t surprised. He was on the Terry Gross show one time and a total prick. And wasn’t it gratifying to see all that billionaire money go down the toilet? Nice to know that the election couldn’t be bought, that we aren’t so stupid after all. “Democarcy is a device by which people get the government they deserve.” George Bernard Shaw.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks. You know I ran into Terri Gross on election day. I recognized her from Colbert. There is something gratifying in all those millions not working out. On the other hand – they may have preserved some Senate spots, and House. But there is so much gerrymandering and redistricting that’s happened at the State level, it’s difficult to make changes there. k.

  7. Mama Zen Says:

    I watch Bill regularly just to get pissed off!

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