Not Sure Where I’m Going (Nanowrimo)


Working, sort of, on Nanowrimo in between kvetching about the election and missing blogging and now back in NYC without Internet access (except through iPhone) and can’t quite believe in my new “novel” yet.

So, a bit, frustrated.

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6 Comments on “Not Sure Where I’m Going (Nanowrimo)”

  1. claudia Says:

    hey..just try to take pressure away from yourself… sending hugs your way and hope things are soon back to normal again…

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    Rough time to try to write, but anyone who tackles a novel right now gets my total respect. I can’t seem to settle to anything in this current atmosphere of societal tension and waiting–it reminds me of pacing the floor while someone you love is trying to give birth in circumstances full of frightening complications. Gah. Best of luck in your endeavors, k. It will be a long night tomorrow, I think.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Yes – and I don’t have tv or cable at home at this point! Maybe good but mostly bad! The tension is pretty awful. On the good side, my daughters seem to be having a very wonderful time working in Ohio – the local people have been incredibly sweet to them– local supporters – and I think they are feeling very happy to be part of it all. They will be there through the election. k.

  3. brian miller Says:

    yet is the key word….keep at it…it will come together…ugh, guess we are 24 hours or so away from at least having and idea…imagine it is hard to put that out of your head…and your present circumstances but…good to hear from you k…

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks, Brian. It (Manuscript) feels quite boring so far, but I have done about 4500 words! Though I’ve honestly been so distracted by the election, and other things – New York! The west side of Battery Park City amazingly unscathed – some trees, but I think the water mainly came up from the South, the actual Battery and up West Street (and then on East River side too.) So feel very lucky on that front. It is, however, super cold here – so feel terrible for those still without power. k.

  4. That track in the photo is leading onwards ~ you’ll get there ~ thinking of you …

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