Spotted Wondrous


Some times the wondrous is spotted,
rather than spotted.
Take care to stumble ONTO it,
rather than ON TOP of it, for the wondrous
is fragile, and also, sometimes,
half asleep.

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9 Comments on “Spotted Wondrous”

  1. Lynn Says:


  2. cloudfactor5 Says:

    Very cute! reminds me of a time I almost stepped on a baby deer while walking in the woods. R

  3. brian miller Says:

    that is awesome….see them all the time around here…my fav though was one i met while kayaking…it was early morning…mist still on the water and rounded a bend on it…it just looked up for the drink and stared as i drifted on by…

  4. sonofwalt Says:

    I did almost step on a Timber Rattler once. I would have it rather been a fawn! He’d have been much cuter and more quickly visible. 🙂 What a lovely find and photo.

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