Today’s Poem

Today’s Poem

It’s blue outside and in—
how to begin? 

The horizon’s cloudy, 
also my forehead.

The window cuts the view into panes.
So, what
am I saying?

That it is hard to see ahead
in this hard time, even though ahead
is still there. (We can’t stop it,
even if we would.) 

I peer down at the ground, the low of the window that shows
where trees grow,
then notice how the leafless limbs
still cast a shadow—

And then—panes/pains—I see how my brain
can shape things so darkly
and call it poetry–ugh– 

until the loom of gloom at last
makes me laugh; waking up to a self
that sits apart as on a raft; it is like a rhyme
of myself and says (as so many rhymes)
that those last lines
were a bit daft–

a part of myself that says, oh geez,

and calls it poetry. 


A rather daft poem and pic for today! Stay well!

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One Comment on “Today’s Poem”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    Karin, I enjoyed this ~ immensely. Brava.

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