In Pablo Casals’ recordings, you can hear him singing along
with his cello—a gravely hum accompanying Beethoven and
his bow—don’t even get me started on
Glenn Gould—

Great musicians aren’t always great singers,
yet there is a delight we take
in their voices, the presumably unconscious drone seeming to show
how much they love the music, that they are playing
rather than performing,
their whole self
the instrument.

I suppose the hums could be considered “unmindful’,
and yet I wouldn’t mind living like that,
singing softly,
singing along.


Happy April!  I don’t yet know if I will write a poem a day for this month of April poetry, but this one came to mind today. Pic and poem are mine; all rights reserved.

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5 Comments on “Casals”

  1. Jim Says:

    I like this, Karin. We listen a lot more than we play. And I’ve been told officially (by a Methodist music director) that I can’t sing. Mrs. Jim played the piano and the viola, I took two semesters of ‘class piano’ early in my College Business Professor career. But I didn’t continue with it though my teacher encouraged more.
    I have posted my Day One write for NaPoWriMo 2022, I post there as Jim1Jim1. I’m not sure I will continue either, maybe just weekends. We have been quarantined on our cruise ship and transferred here at Portsmouth, U.K. but have been released and have plans for Heathrow tomorrow and then fly United non-stop to Houston Sunday.
    My NaPoWriMo entry is at

    • Jim Says:

      p.s. I like your pencil drawing art a lot, this on is just Great with me.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        Thanks so much–this is actually just a part of the picture, but the other parts brought up too many other subjects. I am so sorry to hear that you were quarantined on your cruise. I hope you get home safely now. Will check out your poem! And thanks for the visit and comments! And best to Mrs. Jim!!!! k.

  2. Peter Hristoff Says:

    Keith Jarrett too.


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