Mid-March in North Country

Mid-March in North Country

We are in the brown season here.
Winter wilting; my husband no longer even trying
to enforce inventory control—(that, the rule
of using up the old
before starting the new.) 

So, I reach into the fridge
for one of my two open almond butters, also
a peanut butter, started (nonetheless) yesterday—
sometimes you just prefer peanuts—

A cancer patient is sleeping
down the hall. I have learned of late
that you cannot fix someone, make them happy,
you can only try not to make them unhappy,
or more unhappy—
and to comfort, keep
them company—

I could expound, but this brown season
doesn’t brook more redundancy—
all those taupe barks on ochre fields, 
brown bared earth—

It’s a landscape that doesn’t bother
to assert its right-now beauty—
though it’s there all right, a backdrop
of birds back, great tan puddles pearling
lengthened light.


Another draft poem of sorts. Bear with me! I think of myself as more of a prose/fiction writer, but am in a hard place for extended narrative, so am returning to poetry–and have decided just to post rather freely, even if some things could probably use a bit more editing! Thanks much for your visits and kind comments. Have a good day–

ps – pic doesn’t fit so well, but is one of mine. All rights to poem and illustration reserved.

pps – this is a poem, i.e. somewhat a work of fiction–people in my life are remarkably happy even under difficult circumstances–

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3 Comments on “Mid-March in North Country”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    A draft poem of sorts!! This is a beautiful poem … and deserves a wide audience.

  2. WildChild47 Says:

    “Draft” poems have a certain energy, a certain dynamic, and often sing with a truth that can sometimes get lost when one starts to fiddle a bit, editing etc. So you may be feeling a bit rusty here, penning poems, but your words are just wonderful. The images, scenes, metaphors etc. all paint and create vivid scenes – capture the imagination – and personally, I just love what’s happening. It’s always a pleasure to stop in and see what you’ve been musing about. I’m really glad to see you back after so long Karin. 😊

    This poem speaks so well of the transitions – the liminal spaces that surround us as seasons change, as we shift and adapt, as our personal circumstances unfold – and I just love the last stanza – how Hope and Light whispers within the soft folds of the words.

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