One Scene in Kiev ICU

One Scene in Kiev ICU

I see a video of a family in a Kiev ICU, after
having been shot
by Russian soldiers, after having been told
by a Russian soldier
that it was safe to cross
some corridor,

the teen daughter especially wounded
because of throwing herself on top
of her little brother,

but what is perhaps
most remarkable about this particular video—well, the daughter, the entire
family—is also the laughter in the room
that happens when they are visited
by Zelensky—there are certainly also tears
in all corners,
but together they laugh at some small  joke.

Zelensky triggers it, with a smile that you know he must
enforce on himself, though it seems unforced—one can’t help but think
of the discipline that smile takes, even as it works, 
expanding onto all the other faces in the room, like the swell
of a wave
or heart. 

And when he gives the girl an armful of white flowers—
he somehow manages to extend the bouquet in a way that says—“this
is for you,
I know it is not enough,
that it might seem trivial
in the face
of your suffering—“ 

And yet that silent admission, that near embarrassment,
somehow untrivializes
the flowers,
boosts them into the gallery
of meaningful gestures, the long history
of homage—the flowers, already so beautiful—

how do they still have flowers like that, I wonder,
with all going on; how do people still
make such flowers happen–


A bit of a wierd draft poem about the civilian casualties in Ukraine, and a visit by Zelensky to the ICU.

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7 Comments on “One Scene in Kiev ICU”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    .. an exquisite write, Karin. Hits deep and hard and in spite of it, I can feel the gentle.

  2. WildChild47 Says:

    Absolutely stunning how you take the scenes, relate them, but dig deeper than just the visuals – how you’ve understood something more in all of this … and if such a thing is possible, then you’re apt and able, as you’ve caught elusive Hope and used magic to show us it still exists ….. that despite the terror, the pain, the slaughter and danger, acts of kindness and small gifts – laughter in the tears and other moments, gestures DO show us transcendence.

  3. WildChild47 Says:

    I forgot to add …. if I could “be” such a bouquet – if I could be as magical and beautiful, in person/human form – how wonderful and lovely this would be. And maybe, if people (generally) were thus endowed, the world would know peace.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thank you so very much for your kind words. The Ukrainians are so inspiring. I wanted to post the video but it can be so hard to re-find these things. Thank you again. K.

  4. M Says:

    this poem guts me, without being maudlin or extorting bathos from us ~

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