Black Friday Dilemma

Caught in the vice of whether I give in to all the sales today, accepting that I will not choose to save the planet in the face of up to 50% off, or whether I will stick to vows not to spend money on things people don’t actually need, except for maybe children’s clothing (children grow! and the little outfits are so fun, and some of the specialty manufacturers actually sew the little togs in Brooklyn or Atlanta!)

It is nice to give presents. It is awful to realize at the last minute that you haven’t got new stuff to give.

If you are an older person, like me, you have sadly had deaths in your family and could not bear to throw away all that person’s stored stuff, and now have boxes and boxes all over the place and jammed drawers. So, you do know that over-acquisition is not only not great for the planet, but not really all that good for the soul. (As in, couldn’t you go through some of those boxes and find something that someone might like? This would not actually be “re-gifting” but passing something “treasured” on—)

Nice try.

The deluge of emails (if you are an online shopper) is overwhelming:  the sales are only for two days! The successor sales only a couple of days more! Companies need to ship early this year! 40% even on SALE STUFF! 40% MORE OFF! (YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO BUY THE CRAP EVENTUALLY, WHY NOT WHEN IT’S ON SALE!!!!!)

Yes, but what about trees? Water that is not choked by plastic!

Above is a picture that I did not make with this subject in mind, but it seems to fit—a polar bear stuck on a ice cream truck.  (Perhaps he/she would rather be on an ice floe?  And hey! What about whale blubber!? Isn’t it supposed to taste sweet and nutty!? Okay, maybe not like butter pecan–)

Below is a pic from a recent class with Peter Hristoff. It does not exactly fit with this subject but I like it. 

Have a great weekend. 

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4 Comments on “Black Friday Dilemma”

  1. Nancy Chase Says:

    Hello Karin,

    I enjoy your ManicDdaily posts. Especially like that you are taking drawing classes, and sharing your pictures ! Hope all is well with you, XXOO.



  2. Helen Dehner Says:

    No shopping expeditions online or in person for me this weekend! I create desk calendars for many in my family with a collection of carefully selected photo images that tell the story of their previous twelve months. With a surprise or two included for good measure. The gift that keeps giving! Of course there are a few who receive (and love) my rum soaked fruitcake. Happy Holidays.

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