Finding Narratives in Quick Drawing

Here are some more of my quick drawings from “Inventory Drawing” with the wonderful Turkish-American artist, Peter Hristoff, at SVA.  I am not sure why I am posting these–they are bare bones and unfinished. (Perhaps their best quality!) 

But one thing I love is how these quick drawings, not in the least orchestrated, nonetheless suggest narratives. They show me how the mind seeks a story.

Inventory Drawing is a class in which Hristoff gives prompts of a single word, and then moves on to two or three words at a time. The drawings in response to each prompt are done in about a minute, one after another after another. Sometimes two or three words are intentionally combined in a drawing; sometimes they are put together, in my case, simply because I am too rushed to turn the page.

So, the combinations are random, and yet sometimes show the blurry outlines of a tale (one that even its teller does not yet know!)

Of course, I am particularly interested in story; almost all the art I do is illustrational. But I don’t think I’m unique. It seems to me that the human mind, in its search for explanation and continuity, seeks out stories; they are part of how people make sense of the world. (Sadly, this may be why humans are so prone to conspiracy theories. And yet story is also a great way to illicit sympathy, especially for those who seem different. )

Anyway, here are some more of these funny quick drawings. Again, my thanks to Peter Hristoff for creating an atmosphere (even via zoom) which leaves a lot of room for exploration.

Have a good day. 

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