Time Flies

Dear Bloggingverse!

I have missed you!  It has been a hard five years or so since I last posted regularly.  I hope to start again. For those who have kept in touch, I thank you very much.  And for those who haven’t kept in touch, I hope there’s something interesting I can come up with that will get you back!

I may well start with drawings. There is an old saw that time flies when you are having fun, but I hate to say that time flies whatever you are doing! Twenty years in Afghanistan. Very sad. (My plan, by the way, is not to make this blog political, but it’s hard to take one’s mind away from the news of the last few days, no matter one’s views.)

At any rate, I hope very much you are well, however fast or slow time is flying where you are. Thanks.

All rights reserved on art, text.

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One Comment on “Back”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    Today. September 29. Back to the beginning of your reemergence. I felt like catching up, as there are delightful drawings I seem to have missed. Enjoy your day.

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