Fragile Things

Fragile Things

Civil rights,
a neck, a spine,
a species.




For Magaly Guerrero’s prompt on Real Toads to write to a prompt of pics and phrases; I chose fragile things. Pic is mine; charcoal and pastel on paper; all rights reserved. 



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16 Comments on “Fragile Things”

  1. Plum Says:

    Your artwork fingers right through my vital organs, every time.

  2. watching tv/taking in the news makes me wonder if we are a hopeless species? are we all brooding more about the planet, or does that come with age and concern over the next generation…our grandchildren? so compact, how you presented this crushing fear.

  3. You and me both. The news are nightmarish these days, soul-sucking.

  4. I feel that that attack on civil rights…

    Tradional values seems to be another words to attack, as if your neighbor’s liberation would mean your own enslavement.

  5. sanaarizvi Says:

    I agree the news these days is nothing short of a nightmare 😦

  6. Kerry Says:

    You said it all, Karin. It is why we weep.

  7. kaykuala h Says:

    Very true! One gets disappointed and sad, even angry with the TV news. And one is so helpless!


  8. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Tears! Yes. Sadly.

  9. coalblack Says:

    I can hardly even watch the news anymore. 2 minutes of Orange Wig and his minions and I have to turn it off.

  10. Oh, wow, so powerful, both poem and drawing. I feel the same way. It feels like humanity is a failed experiment, unless things change very quickly.

  11. Brendan Says:

    A world. In our bumbling, breaking hands.

  12. kanzensakura Says:

    WOWOWOWOW. But I don’t watch the news. I ignore it. But I do recycle, encourage organic gardening, etc. because a few years ago somebody brought up about global warning. After doing a little bit of research, I realized we were coming out of an Ice Age. We’re gonna melt!!!!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    So true… the news keeps pressing my anger/depression button

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