What I sometimes fail to notice in my moroseness

What I sometimes fail to notice in my moroseness

The corn
in the corner of your eye;
the joke that floats in that blue
trying to rescue me from mine;
the bird song not made by my phone–
actually I do listen to it–but which,
in the absence of the smiles that glisten
on your fingertips, often lures me
into loss;
the sauce that is your teasing
of my bemoan;
your seriousness that says, but we are here now.



Poem of sorts for the wonderful M’s “get listed” challenge on Real Toads.  The drawing (kind of goofy) is mine also; all rights reserved. 



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11 Comments on “What I sometimes fail to notice in my moroseness”

  1. Brendan Says:

    Dark depths are as isolating as they are freezing, and the other — what beloveds who still hover around us, human, animal or celestial — are flickers of a surface world, like guides down from an inverted mountain. That light is hurtful, like waking. Keep writing.

  2. Kerry Says:

    We are here now… Something to keep in mind, especially when life makes one morose.

  3. rescue me from mine… that is a most excellent writing that I would like to have on a t-shirt.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “the sauce that is your teasing of my bemoan” I love that line.

  5. Plum Says:

    This is fantastic, Karin. I am especially captivated by these:

    “The corn
    in the corner of your eye”

    “the joke that floats in that blue”

    “the sauce that is your teasing”

  6. wildchild47 Says:

    As others have noted, the lines they have pulled – they are most exceptional – and this piece, it speaks of the morose, and how sometimes, it is indeed the others, who will attempt to pull us back to a lighter understanding, place or perspective – even when we resist. This is such a powerful piece.

  7. I love how you conjure up two blues here and i wonder at their relative hues. Here we are and blue is blue…or not 😉

  8. M Says:

    i’m only now getting around to reading people who posted to my prompt – and didn’t write for it myself. I’m glad you did. tender, intimate, and the right touch of melancholy, but with a wry smile ~

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