Getting Over

Getting Over

Some look for fences
even in open fields; how else
to find wings?


drafty poem for April for Isadora Gruye’s prompt on Real Toads to write above obstacles – over, under, through–drawing is mine, all rights reserved.  

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11 Comments on “Getting Over”

  1. Rosemary Nissen-Wade Says:

    Oh! Pow, you got me – right in the heart, and joyfully. The title, everything, perfect. And most of all the succinct / profound message. Like so much good stuff, seems so obvious once you’ve been shown … but the showing is essential. Thank you.

  2. Candy Says:

    So well said without extra words

  3. Jim Says:

    Oh, I like, K. It reminds me of Minnie, the horse I rode to school, 9th and 10th grades. Soon she learned to jump like your flying horse. Minnie jumped small streams.

  4. thotpurge Says:

    Wonderfully put..

  5. Kerry Says:

    Sometimes the only way through is over.

  6. sanaarizvi Says:

    Oh yes! Lovely write 😀

  7. Isadora Gruye Says:

    Tongue in cheek. >>> Stands and applauds. Well done K!

  8. Succinct and thoughtful.

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