In October 2016


In October 2016

The costume I’ve too long worn: compliance.

Once on an Indian train, in the creak
of mustard-dust plain, a student trying to find
some laudable use
for the 18 hours,  I asked the man across
the best quality in a woman.

He replied without beat/blink:  “submission.”

I’ve worn mine Western style, pulling
at the belt loops, bra droops, specializing
in bowed uplift.


Poem of sorts for Mama Zen’s prompt on Real Toads to write about the Halloween costume we may wear this year in 65 words or less.  Perhaps with more words I would have written of non-compliance!  The pic is mine from the Pergamon exhibit that was at the Metropolitan Museum in New York earlier this year. 



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8 Comments on “In October 2016”

  1. Jim Says:

    Very good write, K. I can identify, but aren’t like that anymore. Free and my own person. Well, maybe in spirit I am. Women should be free spirits, I believe. They were born that way but somewhere in life the way seems to change for most.

  2. An excellent response to the prompt. Your words resonate with me, for sure.

  3. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    This makes such a huge statement in these latter days of feminism, karin. I shudder to see womanhood turning itself back into something to be objectified… Well, we tried our best.

  4. othermary Says:

    Oh, that’s powerful, K. And especially well-timed with tape of Mr. Trump’s particularly heinous attitude towards women coming to light. It feels like one step forward two (or more) steps back.

  5. Rommy Says:

    Oh I admire your restraint in not saying anything back to the lout!

  6. Alas… there are too many cowardly men who cannot understand anything else from a woman… unfortunately we are all compliant to the bullies…

  7. Mama Zen Says:

    “I’ve worn mine Western style”

    Yes, even here n the “enlightened” west. An excellent reminder that we a knack for seeing the splinter in another’s eye while ignoring the log in our own. Great write, K.

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