Dear Mom (and Donald), Putin’s Not Really a Great Guy


My mom who is normally quite sensible about politics spoke quite favorably about Putin the other day, after hearing all the Trump hype, and also because she heard that he had learned German while working (for the KGB) in East Germany and thought somehow that this may have reflected a friendship with Angela Merkel.  ( Anyway, we discussed it all at length– some of which is recorded above!)  Thanks, poet friends, for putting up with these political pictograms.  

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3 Comments on “Dear Mom (and Donald), Putin’s Not Really a Great Guy”

  1. Sherry Marr Says:

    I am having enough trouble, at seventy, with what is going on with this election, it drives me BONKERS. I can ONLY IMAGINE how your mother must view the carrying on……My own grandma would be appalled, she worked in politics in her day, but it was a much saner world back then. Governments valued such simple things as balancing the budgets and everything didnt cost a gazillion dollars. When Mr T spoke highly of the leader of North Korea, I projected to just how dangerous things might get if the wrong person gets elected. I usually try to keep politics out of my blogging, but sometimes I cant help it. So much is at stake.

  2. So sorry to hear that Miss Manic. I hope that you begin to feel better soon. Suddenly turning blind and deaf can certainly be distressing…. The rest of us will be voting for the one who doesn’t lie. Sorry – just happened to stumble across this and can’t sit quietly while people vote for the most evil person who has ever run for the office.

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