There are many beings probably stronger than Hillary Clinton



To those of you that have the faith, keep it!  (Sorry for the amateurish aspects of my pictures, the spirit is genuine enough.)  

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4 Comments on “There are many beings probably stronger than Hillary Clinton”

  1. So, am I. I am also hanging there with you! 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  2. She said “___ you!” to a secret service men who said hello to her in the Whitehouse. I’m sorry Miss Manic, Hillary is not what she pretends to be. I think she faints in public because she can’t stand peasants looking her in the eye. According to another secret service agent, that was the standing order in the Whitehouse while she was there. Underlings were not allowed to look her in the eyes, like the pharaohs of Egypt who believed themselves to be gods.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Hi John, I appreciate that your feelings are genuine. I know people who had personal dealings with her (employees and family members at the State Department) and others, who found her kind and caring. I know them personally and tend to take their views seriously. k.

      • As well I’m sure, K… Of course I suspect she is kind to those she needs to be kind to for political reasons. I’m glad you’re in that position, and I so hate to squabble over politics, but while you associate with Hillary’s friends, I am one of the unnecessary underlings she treats like crap. This is my 28th year in law enforcement, and my 16th year in federal service. I’m sorry that we see the world in such different ways.

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