Some Times (Poem 7 for April)

 Some Times

In moments when the blue breaks
into brightness, then to black,
the shades that crowd the farthest shore
no longer will stand back.

They reach in willow whisper,
grasp in spilled-ink din,
tug against my hold on you
pulling me to them.

It’s none of it ill-meaning,
this grip that cuts joy neat,
no more than blows of northern wind
do, conscious, wish to beat–

until at last receding,
calming as a sea;
they let return cerulean
with breakers far and lee

and you and me, we ride waves cupped
like Mona Lisa smiles,
filling palms with re-joined blue
that fills all cracks this while.


Draft Poem 7 for April National Poetry Month.  I will link this to Real Toads Open Platform tomorrow (Tuesday) hosted by Marian.   (I’ve been a bit ahead of the game but have some trying days ahead so who knows? Ha!) 

Pic is unedited; all rights reserved.  

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19 Comments on “Some Times (Poem 7 for April)”

  1. Marian Says:

    Oh, very nice. Somehow I’m charmed by the rhyming of “din” with “them.” 🙂

  2. Beautiful series of images. Love the final:
    ‘and you and me, we ride waves cupped
    like Mona Lisa smiles,’
    Stunning simile.

  3. Sanaa Rizvi Says:

    we ride waves cupped
    like Mona Lisa smiles,

    Such a gorgeous image 😀

  4. I love the way you use the ballad rhythm, making it suggest the ebb and flow of the waves as well as that of the relationship. Beautiful images, pictorial and verbal.

  5. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    I don’t know which is more beautiful: the gulls or their shadows. Your poem is so musical and filled with wonderful visual images and resounding words. I enjoyed it very much.

  6. Raivenne Says:

    This is so pretty. “They reach in willow whisper,
    grasp in spilled-ink din,” and the Mona Lisa smile ending lined just do it for me,

  7. Sherry Marr Says:

    I adore “they reach in willow whisper”….so beautiful. Loved this one, kiddo.

  8. elleceef Says:

    This poem is so lovely, romantic and a bit melancholy, or is that just me. I really enjoyed it.

  9. a soul’s veneer(s) have been made clearly to smooth the rough edge(s)
    each time our life demands prayer with ten fingers and though we’ve often sewn ourselves a persona as the hewn handle(s) of said life…

    we do give up our bodies to be nextto/inside/partof
    someone else’s skin for “a while”

    is it all to wonder when the next womb smile begins…? most likely…

    this poem feels like a favorite sweater or blanket
    comfort cyclically
    between gull sounds and lap poems of waves…loved it…

  10. Jim Says:

    I like the whole thing, K. “His grip that cuts joy neat” sounds scary but then none of Natures wild players could ever be ‘ill-meaning’.

  11. So much to love in this… maybe mostly the way you used the metaphors of the sea and waves… so much of how a relationship plays out in that…

  12. ava Says:

    Your talent is astonishing. I’m always most enamored of your line breaks, which add so much to your poetry/storytelling.

    I am especially drawn to the first two stanzas.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. Well, thanks so much. I spend a fair amount of time on line breaks though I’m never sure of the rhyme or reason that I am looking for only that some things feel better to me than others. Thanks for your very kind comment. K.

  13. M Says:

    elegant and restful, K ~

  14. Brendan Says:

    Poem and pic hover right there — so much exploding at once, precise and still amid furious motions. Speaker and beloved are here and long gone, the “rejoined blue” ready for the next “cracks.” Amen.

  15. Gorgeous photo and these words

    “they let return cerulean
    with breakers far and lee

    and you and me, we ride waves cupped
    like Mona Lisa smiles,”

    especially charming!

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