April Fools Day After – (6 for April)

 April Fools Day After

Some crease in the calendar
folds February
into April
and we wake to white-out,
the wind trying to blow snow back
to when it belonged,
trees shaking
knobbed fingers,
while the cold, careless of the scold,
settles over us like an officious white hen, covering
our near-hatch
not only with down
but a new white shell (no yolk


This is my sixth poem for April National Poetry month, this one for Margaret Bednar’s prompt on Nature at Real Toads. 

The above picture is from this morning–actually yesterday was more dramatic with snow, sun, and “snow devils”–little whirlwinds of snow.  Below is a pic of the night before the storm. 


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19 Comments on “April Fools Day After – (6 for April)”

  1. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    I was reading about the Alberta Clipper this morning and thought the name sounded so cool… of course, cool enough for you when new snow is dumped on you in April!

    I love the metaphor of the hen for the feathery snowfall. It sounds so pretty.

  2. Sanaa Rizvi Says:

    while the cold, careless of the scold,
    settles over us like an officious white hen, covering
    our near-hatch

    Such beauty such awe in your lines 😀

  3. Marian Says:

    All it took was driving to work this morning in a couple inches of snow to make me forget it’s spring… back to winter, oh the long long winter. Thankfully this is not actually true!

  4. Ha, we are supposed to have flurries this week. Spring is the biggest tease I know.

  5. hedgewitch Says:

    The seasons just don’t want to respect boundaries any more, do they?Doubtless our own fault, but disconcerting, nonetheless. I loved the chicken metaphor you hatched, and also the opening is very nicely imagined, k, with the folding months. Sorry i can’t seem to make a more insightful comment–but hopefully will get better soon.

  6. even though I was born in March, i like how you made it a crease in the calendar.

  7. Raivenne Says:

    We received just a dusting of snow this morning, but no one is happy in this foolish weather.

  8. Jim Says:

    Nice poem, K, about your prolonged winter. This weekend we had the top down and traveled to Brenham with the Early Ford V8 Club. The top is still down and I took it to the mail box. We haven’t had a freeze this winter, very unusual even for Southeast Texas.

  9. Sherry Marr Says:

    It is cruel to endure snow in April. Poor you!

  10. Oh winter how you steal from spring

  11. M Says:

    once you get going 🙂 another fine pen, k ~

  12. “while the cold, careless of the scold,
    settles over us like an officious white hen,”
    and the opening three lines – pure genius as well.

    You outdid yourself with the photos and poem. Thank you. Truly enjoyed from down south were cold is 40 degrees (sorry)

  13. Love the introductory image of a crease in the calendar… like an unfolding of alternatives…And the final ‘no yolk’ is priceless…

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