Late January

Late January

The word “longing”
opens a sky
of evening, summers,
the stream at our feet so dark
there is no ripple can be seen
but the opals ringing
the stones you skip,
and when you touch me, afterwards,
you’re warm as the sun, earlier,
your smile catching light
no longer there,
and I can’t even think of the harm
that we ward away
or the pain that will come,
no matter.

Back at work, computer acting up, writing on iPhone! Here’s a draft poem! Hope all well.

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8 Comments on “Late January”

  1. hedgewitch Says:

    Love is the ultimate double edged sword, slicing through seasons, wounding often enough, here, healing. There are some simply, purely beautiful phrases which pop out the images here, k.—the smile catching absent light, the word that opens the sky–all making a whole which builds its own Faberge egg of a life, world, time, opened by longing.As always, one of your drafts that makes my finished poems blush.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. Hardly. I’m wondering now that I can look at it on a larger screen whether I should say harm “we” ward away–but will think about it a bit more, I guess.

  2. Lindy Lee Says:

    “Late January” is a fine poem, without revision…

  3. Raivenne Says:

    This is heart breaking and beautiful. Wishing for once was, yet knowing it will never being again. The winter of the heart’s discontent if you will. You do not need to change a thing in this draft; it is complete as is. Still, I can’t help but wonder at how the ‘finished’ verse will feel.

  4. Longing opens a sky of evening is such a gorgeous image and sounds immediately familiar. I love this as is.

  5. Oh yes, how I resonate with the warding away “of the pain that will come, no matter.” Such a beautiful poignant write.

  6. brian miller Says:

    what a blend of emotion in this…i like the skipping stones of the touch and what we ward away as well in those acts of love….tight little piece…stay warm k…

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