Got a camera for my birthday;
I take pictures all day long,
sometimes they’re of my brother
sitting on the john.




Some people call him John.
(But his name is Michael.)


I take pictures of my mother,
take pictures of my dad,
take LOTS of pictures of my dog
whose eyes come out so sad.


Sometimes I try to catch a crime–
I mean, what could be neater?
So far the only pic I’ve got
is “man kicking parking meter.”


Not sure that’s even illegal–
the man says it didn’t work.
Don’t know if I believe him
’cause he called me a little jerk.

My folks now say that nature
is better for me to shoot–
stuff like deer in our backyard
and, in a nearby swamp, the newt.

At first I groaned, how boring,
but, actually, that’s not true
cause there’s something cool my camera does
whenever I look through.

It makes the world turn special–
sure, it’s special anyhow.
But my camera makes it special-er
adds in some extra wow.


So now my camera’s with me
’bout everywhere I go–
my imaginary friend, I guess,
but don’t tell that I said so.

Especially don’t tell Michael
(that kid “some folks” call John)
’cause he’d probably try to snitch it
if he knew it was so fun.

‘Course, then, I’d get his picture–
red-handed as can be,
still, better keep it secret (sigh)
between just you and me.

Here’s a new little poem written and illustrated for Victoria Slotto’s prompt on dVerse Poets Pub to write a poem for children. I did poem and illustrations today, so they are very rough–especially towards the beginning where I wasn’t sure how to best get the joke of the big brother across and just repeated the same drawing with dialogue. Also very uncertain of the title–any suggestions, let me know. All fun. Check out Victoria’s prompt and the other children’s poems on dVerse.

Finally, if you like the elephants, check out a children’s book I wrote and illustrated called 1 Mississippi, available on Amazon.

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23 Comments on “Camaraderie”

  1. brian miller Says:

    smiles…it makes the world turn special…i like that…nice humor up front…and i like how that bit of the story continues in the pictures…lol…camera might get broke if that was my sister…lol….and dogs eyes so sad…:(

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I realize after posting that this should probably take a whole different tack. Camera shy and be about a boy finding a friend through a camera– but I was thinking too much of Shel Silverstein! k.

  2. Aw, what fun to read! Carry my camera almost everywhere I go, too (exception: the bathroom…hmmm, although when my son was little, I did get a couple in the tub! Those embarrassing shots for when he grew up!) Thanks for sharing!

  3. barbara_y Says:

    Nifty, nifty, nifty!

  4. janehewey Says:

    took me straight to A.A.Milne. great fun, Karin. appealing rhythm and rhyme, plus a sibling drama! just great.

  5. I LOVE this – poem and illustrations and humor and the crossed out parts make it even more like a child is actually writing it. COOL!

  6. If I could click this “Like” a hundred times, I would. Pure delight. I love your little pachyderms. Thank you for taking the time to get this here.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks so much, Victoria. I think there should be a more social result at the end–but I can imagine other cute drawings on the way. Thanks much for getting me to make them! k.

  7. Alice Audrey Says:

    I know just how he feels. 🙂

  8. claudia Says:

    looking at life thorough a different lens can make it so special and a bit more unfamiliar as well…which is ex iting..smiles…cool combo of painting and words k.

  9. Poet Laundry Says:

    I love it! Read this with a grin on my face, and “man kicking parking meter” made me lol…all your illustrations are great too…I’ll be showing my two youngest kids this tomorrow!

  10. Helen Dehner Says:

    You have pasted a smile on this ‘kid’s’ face guaranteed to last the whole day long!!!

  11. hedgewitch Says:

    Made me laugh, k–making a quick round before the pc dies, and this definitely took my brain to a better place than it’s been in all day. Just delightful, elephants and end rhymes and all.

  12. Luke Prater Says:

    awesome! Love your pictures they’re adorable. This reminds me of A A Milne a lot (the poetry)

  13. How utterly delightful K ~ The elephant pictures go along nicely with your verses ~ Thanks for the smiles, K ~

  14. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Absolutely charming. In love with it.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks. I like the idea of it. I just did for the prompt, but I really like idea of camera companion and all the funny pics one could make. Thanks again. k.

      • Jamie Dedes Says:

        Would be a great kids’ book. 🙂

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        thanks–I think focus would have to change–maybe “camera shy” and fewer words perhaps, lines. More pics. I can think of lots of fun pics though. It was nice as I’ve been very busy and have not had time to draw things–and not with pencil, which I am more and more returning to after brief foray into digital devices. They are fun, but I am not really very good with them. Thanks, Jamie. k.

      • Jamie Dedes Says:

        There is something more satisfying – organic? – about using pencil, isn’t there?

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        Yes. I am just better at manipulating it. I have a stylus for the iPad but I am not confident enough probably–pencil allows for more tentative (sketchy) sorts of strokes. The iPad more I think like painting, without sketching first — you have to be a bit more definite! Thanks. k.

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