Love Poem In 55 (and on a Friday) (and finding peace)


Love Poem

Forget about supportive.
You make collapse possible,
disintegration a reasonable
alternative, falling to pieces
a waystation, respite.

I don’t know about safety
in numbers; I’m sure of only one
port in a storm.

The well of your chest smells
of fleur de sel, and carries a kiln
that fires all clay new.

Here’s a nearly belated 55 for the lovely G-man.    I am also posting for the  dVerse Poets Pub Poetics prompt re peace, hosted by Mary Kling. 

Note – the picture above is not of my dear husband.  For one thing, when he wears a tie, he tends also to wear a jacket.    


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30 Comments on “Love Poem In 55 (and on a Friday) (and finding peace)”

  1. G-Man Says:

    Wow Karin…How very Romantic!!!
    Absolutely breathtaking.
    (I hope you showed it to him)
    (The poem I mean)
    Loved your Loving 55
    Please show us more of this side of you.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. G-Man Says:

    Please pass the BINGO!!!!!!!

    Thank You…:-)

  3. Don’t ask me why, but this brings to mind a honeycomb of exquisite salutary happiness ~ I must be a dreamer. xo

  4. Grace Says:

    I want to collapse all the way to the port in a storm ~ Beautifully written K ~ Happy Saturday ~

  5. brian miller Says:

    there is def a comfort when you are with someone that will allow you to break down, that makes collapse possible without judgement…love the intimacy of that last stanza as well…

  6. claudia Says:

    smiles…love the drawing and the depth in the poem.. it is romantic in a way – but also much more – the port in the storm speaks volumes

  7. hedgewitch Says:

    We all need a place where we can fall apart and be guarded from the wolves and scavengers. Lovely poem, k–and thank you for a new word: ‘flower of salt’ is a metaphor in and of itself, and the kiln is so evocative of creating something beautiful and enduring out of the most common materials.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks – I was going to translate it in the body of the poem, but only had the 55 words and I liked the rhyme. It is a beautiful word I think, and it’s the kind of stuff my good cook daughter buys. (Ha.)

  8. janehewey Says:

    your transition from stanza 2 to 3 is especially wonderful. one port in the storm –to the well of one’s chest. I also found your third stanza to be full of an earthy, safe, encompassing scent. an eloquent love poem, karin.

  9. So beautiful, we all need a port of safety in a storm.

  10. This is the kind of love poem I like best…subtle and from a perspective that understands reality.

  11. Mary Says:

    Lovely, Karin. A relationship like this must feel so very good. A person with whom one can have THAT kind of peace is a real keeper. Loved the elephants as well.

  12. This is a wonderful piece.. the change to last stanza from general to personal is so good..

  13. Susan Chast Says:

    This goes beyond love to a profound friendship. There is peace in knowing you have that, being able to expect it. ahhhh.

  14. Tony Maude Says:

    There is truly peace in being accepted by someone else just as we are – warts and all (not that I’m saying you have warts, k.), but to be accepted like that, we’ve got to reciprocate.

  15. Glenn Buttkus Says:

    Damn, K, this 55 stands tall, is proud, is truth, hope, celebratory, & lovely; that the notion that acceptance, even of tragedy, or pain, of failure, cushioned by a lover, can lead us into the ways of peace; finding that like making love, the union of two hearts can perform magic, and peace is attainable for tiny moments in our time.

  16. adamsmurphy Says:

    Thanks to this! I love the diagram!

  17. This is lovely………I have to smile at disintegration being “a reasonable alternative”. Cool!

  18. kaykuala Says:

    A relationship of endearment is always welcomed as a cushion. It helps build up the peaceful nature in two souls. Nicely K!


  19. Absolutely loved this poem! I think that all we can hope for in this world is to find someone that can make us feel safe, feel at peace. You seemed to have found him! 🙂

  20. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Darling drawing and very dear poem, perhaps as dear as your husband is to you … Nice!

  21. Myrna Says:

    Aw. This is lovely. I’m sure he loved it.

  22. Hi Karin, my first time here, I think…

    ‘Love your ending and:
    You make collapse possible,
    disintegration a reasonable

    A tender, clever and well crafted piece… With Best Wishes Scott

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