Rebranding (for what can’t be boiled down….)


(for what can’t be boiled down to
the short, catchy, and easy to buy–)

Just do it does not work
for war. No more does
have it your own way.

Righteousness, turns out,
is no sure shell;
what’s left after a bomb not
finger-licking good–Look, Ma,
no cavities
wiped away–

Because impossible is not
nothing, and
yes, yes, yes,
though we want to be all
that we can be,
maybe we need, for a change,
to think different,
to think small,
to think big,
to just


Here’s a sort of poem for Brian Miller’s prompt on dVerse Poets Pub about slogans. The above picture is an old Shell oil advertisement, no copyright infringement intended.  (I’m saying this counts as parody/fair use.) 

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21 Comments on “Rebranding (for what can’t be boiled down….)”

  1. claudia Says:

    i was so shocked when i heard about what’s going on in syria – and we def. need to think…think different, think change – just think and find a way to help and change things.. love where you went with this k. – def. thought provoking write

  2. Very pointed message wrapped in slogans that make the point. I just read your poem about vegetarians/promises in the anthology. So very outstanding, Karin. Had to tell you.

  3. brian miller Says:

    i think we are in sore need of change and new ways of thinking…if we go in and bomb the hell out of them what do we prove? that we have bigger weapons and like them we are willing to terrorize til we get our way?

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Well, there is an argument to saying that you cannot use certain types of weapons like chemical weapons or nuclear weapons without repercussions. But I’m not sure more killing is the answer either – especially in a civil conflict. All difficult. k.

  4. Wow Karin, great way of using slogans. I think poets can do great things of reusing them, making them our tools which you have done.. and new ways of thinking is needed…

    so many times during the recent years, we try to solve complexity with simplicity… and that just makes it more complex.

    just think is a great advice

  5. cloudfactor5 Says:

    I THINK your asking a lot here, if people could just think, every politician would be history and our country would be a true model for the world, not to worry I hear Walmart is coming out with pseudo-smarts in a can, like spam, just in time for Christmas!

  6. Grace Says:

    I love the way you did it K ~ A subtle dig, to Just think, might be the right solution ~

  7. Jamie Dedes Says:

    “to just think” … that would be nice. Enjoyed because of the values and because you have to be of a generation to get all of it. 🙂

  8. Mama Zen Says:

    Thinking? Does anybody do that anymore?

  9. hedgewitch Says:

    I thought of trying to do this prompt this way, but now glad I didn’t, as I tend to get too ranty on this subject, and you handled it perfectly, k. I agree with every word, and I also applaud your ability to be reasonable and non-bitter about it. I find myself losing my temper with ‘killing for peace’ rationales way too quickly. The slogans you chose were spot on–grim in this context, and as your last lines implore, thought-provoking as well. Thanks.

  10. Susan Chast Says:

    Nicely turned! Sometimes we do try to sell war just like other products. I just rewatched “wag the dog” which reminded me of its entertainment value and methodologies. Do you think?! Meant to say do you think that–if it turns out that civilians bombed with the poison gas–the USA will turn on these rebels and protect the gov’t? Ha!!

  11. hypercryptical Says:

    Excellent write Karin.
    Difficult situation Syria and I think we should do something, but what I don’t know. You are right in that it is hard to see bombing as humanitarian, but neither is closing our minds and eyes.
    What if we were Syrian…
    Anna :o]

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      You are right, Anna, that it is all so complex. I guess my concern is the difficulty in actually helping people in a civil war type of conflict. I think that the help is very well-intentioned, but I also think that there are limits to what a foreign power can do with military intervention in this type of conflict. It would be nice if our efforts did solve things, but often they are clumsy and short-lived, and are not effective to meet what may be a very worthy goal. I agree that people are pretty quick to close minds and eyes and I certainly wouldn’t advocate for that. k.

      • hypercryptical Says:

        Karin you are right too in that our efforts are clumsy and short-lived. I remember how the ‘West’ was initially welcomed in Afghanistan – as much as (many/some?) Syrians are waiting for the West to intervene now. But we, the West, messed up and became further oppressors…
        it is so difficult – I guess army mentalities are the same the world over – the need to take control eventual overrides the very purpose of being ‘there’ – that is of being rescuers and the people gradually become suspicious of those whose original intention was that of returning freedom to the people.
        I am beginning to ramble here Karin – just finished a twelve hour night shift and my mind is closing down.
        Hope you understand what I am trying to say.
        Anna :o]

  12. David King Says:

    I do believe that in a democracy people do really get the politicians who reflect themselves — so where do you go from there?

  13. I loved the message and so well done!

  14. bostonpoetry Says:

    to think different,
    to think small,
    to think big,
    to just

    Well said. This was a great write.

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