Spun (Fibonacci)




Spun (Fibonacci)

spins it threads
a spoked wheel that traps
even the dew (though not its point)

wheel I
spin traps me
only, as I speak
rather than do, then lose my thread

if six
more legs would
add it up–some are
just born with a centered center

are not–
still, when eyes
are caught in those dew-
spokes, oh spider, how we spin–

This is a draft “Fib” or Fibonacci poem posted for a prompt on With Real Toads by the ever-magic-weaving Hedgewitch, Joy Anne Jones, who blogs at Verse Escape. She explains the form better than me–it follows the numerical Fibonacci sequence. The photos above were taken a few days ago by me, on a morning in which all the spiders in the nearby area seemed to have convened. Photos just do not do the webs justice. (Nonetheless, all rights are reserved. Also note that the pics were uploaded from an iPhone on the WordPress App and may not show up in toto. If the web is missing and you want to see it, just click on the pic.)

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20 Comments on “Spun (Fibonacci)”

  1. She loves me she loves me not, count the petals on the wildwood sunflowers or the leaves and branches, numbers of different legs although in a fixed rhythm I could play three or four guitars or dance with a lover in falling flight like the eagles as we cuddle into each others safe and perfect web…pluck the dew…

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    The poem is quite a web itself, with strands that seem to weave in multiple directions (I suppose that’s the nature of webs…duh) I especially like the dew/point, the middle observation, and the lilt of the finish. The photos are just amazing, too. I was out trying to catch grasshoppers for our orb spider earlier–she is so beautiful and talented, but her web has been empty for the last two days and I’m getting worried that the local food supply has sussed her out. Thanks so much for joining us at The Garden, K.

  3. brian miller Says:

    ha. i like…i doubt i could spin art as well as a spider…love to see them in the morning when the dew is on them and they twinkle for sure….

  4. Ella Says:

    Magic in these lines! YOU weave a gorgeous poem~ I love the observations and how you tangled us in this delicate thoughts!

  5. 1gus1 Says:

    You caught the spider webs perfectly in verse. Autumn is the time we see many gossamer threads glittering in early morning sun.

  6. The spider deftly spins a web for others, but we can only web ourselves. A clever round of poetic thoughts.

  7. some are
    just born with a centered center

    are not–

    This is so beautifully wrought, Karin. I love the sense of breathing out and in as I read your lines.

  8. Marian Says:

    nice! spun with meaning.

  9. Gay Cannon Says:

    Wonderful pictures K – it’s always hard to photocapture spider webs and they’re so beautiful shimmering in the sun. Your poem shimmers too. You take the metaphor in and change it into something sparkling and special.

  10. Kay Davies Says:

    And you have spun wonderful fibs here, k. The third verse made me laugh, so it has to be my favorite.

  11. Debi Swim Says:

    then lose my thread, some are just born with a centered center, oh spider, how we spin… what a wonderful picture you weave here.

  12. Susan Says:

    Ah, the web! real spiders’ webs are efficient as well as exquisite. Your photos pulled me into the first stanza and right through your comparison–I didn’t expect to be moved to laughter by tale’s end! Caught me!

  13. some are
    just born with a centered center

    are not–

    So true….love the humor to end this webbed piece

  14. Poet Laundry Says:

    So true K! My favorite is the second and your close. Wow.

  15. That is super awesome work with structure. and with words. and with a camera.

    with everything really.

  16. Brenda Says:

    Love this Fib! Well done!

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