Family Trip – Keeping Up Even Contingent Appearances


Leaving on Family Trip – The Keeping Up of Even Contingent Appearances

We waited long after morning’s blue departed
the backseat we fought over,

for a mother who approached a trip
as an honored guest–scrubbing, vacuuming–
the left house like clean underwear to be worn
in case hit by a car–

like the one where we sat sweating, my brother and I,
out of her way.


Setting off on a car trip was a very long process in my family, my brother and I sometimes waiting a few hours in the backseat of  ourcar before my father cajoled my mom into the front.  This rather odd portrait, however, is probably a bit unfair to my mother who, rather naturally, liked the idea of having a clean house to come home to, even though, as the poem suggests, there was also probably an element of wanting to have the house look good in case we somehow didn’t make it home. 

My unfairness allowed me to whittle this down to 55 words(minus – okay, lengthy title)–so go tell the G-Man.  I am also linking it to With Real Toads, “words count” with Mama Zen, and is there atmosphere?  I’m not sure you can feel how hot the car or how big my brother’s feet as he claimed backseat territory – still I am linking to dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar prompt hosted by Anna Graham. 

As always, all pictures posted are mine, unless otherwise attributed, and, like the text, can’t be used without my consent.
Have a great weekend.
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19 Comments on “Family Trip – Keeping Up Even Contingent Appearances”

  1. othermary Says:

    Now that’s a mulit-tasking 55! What a funny memory of childhood trips. I’m surprised your mom didn’t make you guys get out of the car and help clean! I like you comparison of the house to clean undearware, lol. Happy 4th weekend!

  2. Mama Zen Says:

    Yikes! That sounds like me! And, that has to be the best title ever.

  3. I get flashbacks.. at least sitting in a hot car in the backseat.. But in our case it was more my father wanting to make sure we had everything.. unpacking and checking.. I liked what you wrote about the underwear and traffic accident.

  4. Jamie Dedes Says:

    LOL! I think I know your mother. . .

  5. brian miller Says:

    always wear clear underwear, because you never know….family car trips are not always the best….we wear on each other pretty quick sometimes in confines quarters….ha…but its all part of getting there…and i def have fond memories of it…

  6. claudia Says:

    smiles…car trips meant for my brother and me to sit in the backseat of a car full of smoke without being allowed to open the window and a dog, walking back and forth over our legs all the times… oh…and bavarian music… does it sound like a horror movie…? it was…ha…smiles… can’t remember if we left a clean house…smiles

  7. G-Man Says:

    Me and the kids did EXACTLY that same thing for years with Mrs. G
    But with her it was OCD!!
    Gosh it’s GREAT to have you back, you have been such a loyal contributor it’s very obvious when you are absent.
    Loved your travelling 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for returning to the fold, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. grapeling Says:

    that feeling of perspiration beginning to prickle underneath bangs, and in the corner of your armpits, as the heat rose and the seat begins to stick to the skin of your thighs…

  9. This is wonderfully reminiscent.. shows how priorities change from one generation to the next.

  10. What IS that era phobia! LOl! Enjoy all the underwears you have !

  11. hedgewitch Says:

    Laughing at the things we take so seriously–for the kids, it’s getting the heck out of dodge, and for mom, her identity as competent housewife…anyway, loved the snapshot of family frenzy.

  12. Well, that’s one way to learn to develop patience!

  13. LaTonya Says:

    Love the tie-in with clean underwear. What is that obsession? Love the economy, the humor and memories. Well done, K.

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