Slender Canopy


I am posting this photo from a mobile device and am a little worried that it won’t show in full on a non-mobile device – i.e. regular computer. The telephone pole is supposed to be in the exact center – it got there, sort of, by accident, but that is where it is supposed to be. If it doesn’t show up properly first look, it will if you click on the photo.

So far, my blog break has not been very productive in terms of writing, but I have done a lot of escapist reading! Though photos are of the country, I have been in and out of New York doing escapist reading in much of my free time, even walking on the sidewalk. It is possible (if I do not get hit by a car or other pedestrian) that this is useful as part of the problem with the novel manuscripts I am trying to rewrite is that I need to make the plots move more quickly. Escapist reading is very informative in terms of giving one samples of quickly moving plots. Escapist reading while walking on a city sidewalk is very useful in terms of learning to skip one’s self along quite quickly at times – like when crossing the street. So… so… so… perhaps it is useful. I do find it hard to work on a big project in small snatches of time–and I miss the fun and engagement of smaller pieces – but will keep trying a bit longer. (Or maybe will cheat a bit more and write some short pieces!) At any rate, thanks much for stopping by. k.

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8 Comments on “Slender Canopy”

  1. janehewey Says:

    really great shot of lines and textures, I especially like where the trees come together at the top.

  2. brian miller Says:

    haha be careful reading on those city sidewalks…haha…we dont want you to get hit by a car….but you are right that reading is def informative in our writing and helping us find our way through….

    cool pic.

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    I don’t think my grace and agility extends to reading and navigating sidewalks at the same time. I would walk directly into a wall or a fountain or something.
    A nice linear photo composition, k–everything seems tenuous and stretched like guy wires across the firmament in delicate green loops and arabesques. Good luck with the projects.(Miss your poetry, though.)

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Well, I’m pretty used to New York, and some of this has been done in the park, where I feel immensely guilty, but still a bit escapist. And getting better. (I am staying somewhere where I walk across Central Park each day. I confess to not always reading when crossing –just for the last few days–but it is so pretty you feel a bit guilty, even if its safer than on the street–I’ve mainly gone on set routes – just getting across and to my office so haven’t been able to visit some of my favorite parts – but I’ll be in and out for a bit, so hopefully will have more time.) k.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        PS – sometimes it’s really nice to shut out the sidewalk = I’ve also not been reading Proust! k.

      • hedgewitch Says:

        HA! On the Proust. Yes, I can see that it might sometimes be a lot more fun to see words on a page than humanity’s detritus, noise and folly crowding all your senses on the sidewalk. Glad you are at least able to walk through the park–Central Park and the Guggenheim about the only things I enjoyed on my brief sojourn there.

  4. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Food. Writing. Reading. New York. Photograph. Hey, you know it all doesn’t sound bad.

    I like the photo. Did have to click on it to see the telephone pole.

    I used to love to read in Central Park as a girl during the summer … and rent a bike and go biking too.

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