Reflections of One World Trade (Freedom Tower)


Here are a couple of pictures of reflections of the new building being built to replace the old World Trade Center.  The reflection only is of One World Trade (formerly called the “Freedom Tower”).  (I’m glad they changed the name.)   The building that is doing the reflecting is another building (I think the new 4 World Trade) that is on the far side of the “Ground Zero” site.  The idea is that they are building around the “footprints” of the original Trade Towers.

At any rate, the only part of 1 World Trade reflected is the unfinished portion– the open floors and the cranes, which are on something like the 80th floor on up.  Presumably, the rest of the reflection is blocked by another building  – but it’s an odd sight, I think, to see the reflection cut off at such a straight line.


PS – I realized this morning that the abrupt cut-off probably happens because there is a separate building just below the reflective one, which is also glass and reflective, but which is oriented differently so that its tiles are at a different angle (and does not reflect the same images.)  It is very difficult to see the second building in the sun, but in the shade, it’s very clear.  So, it’s the low, second building, that cuts off the reflection and not a higher one.  k.

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13 Comments on “Reflections of One World Trade (Freedom Tower)”

  1. janehewey Says:

    reminds me of the light a candle makes- all above the wax line.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Good point. It just seems so weird to me. I’ve seen it before, so I am quite sure there must be some specific building. Not sure which one. But cool comparison. k.

  2. Deborah Says:

    amazing and no understatement !

  3. Mary Says:

    I hope to see this some day! I enjoyed your views.

  4. brian miller Says:

    it looks like they have made some progress since i was there…smiles…still cant believe those guys working up there…whew…high up!!! smiles.

  5. I have a family member that worked there and called in sick in the 1994 attack, I think it was and called in sick Sept 11. She remains quite emotionally disturbed perhaps feeling guilty that it was her fate not to suffer with co-workers.

  6. hedgewitch Says:

    Left my comment earlier on FB because wordpress was hating on me–it let me in this time though–just wanted to wish you luck with the move, and hope all goes smoothly, as you try to get one jump ahead…very hard to work and move–we did it when we moved to this house, and my husband ended up ‘packing’ the kitchen, ie, throwing evrything in the cupboards in boxes, no wrapping, no sorting…It was scary. Yet we survived. ;_) Not all the glassware, though. Thanks for posting the pics…I’d never see this otherwise.

  7. ds Says:

    Catching up…slowly. Your photos are amazing–not sure what is real or unreal.
    A friend of a friend operates one of the cranes down there; dizzying just to think of.
    Best of (continuing) luck with your move!

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks so much. It is dizzying to think of the crane operators – especially because it is a very windy area of the City and, of course, even worse up high there. Thanks for your kind wishes. k.

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