No more lingering in Tarrytown–make that NYC– Friday Flash 55


Long-distance Couple Faces Snowstorm

Communication blown pre-storm:
Who needs to do
What, where, when, and why all
Possibilities are impossible (later,
What we should have done) rustles wayward
Like readying wind, but when
Prospect of being snowed-in alone is truly
Aired-you there, me here– crystally mistily
Clear–I run to the next train,
You speed to meet it.

55 rushed words on the train posted from iPhone for the g-man.
Go tell him I am hoping to beat the storm!


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17 Comments on “No more lingering in Tarrytown–make that NYC– Friday Flash 55”

  1. Yousei Hime Says:

    Stay warm and dry. I heard you’ll get a few inches. I’m almost envious. 😉

  2. janehewey Says:

    You’ve certainly had some dramatic weather on your side of the country this year. Storms always make me feel like- tiny human in big solar system. I like your readying wind and “crystally mistily” Beat the storm, karin,stay safe.

  3. Other Mary Says:

    Awww, nice ending. And good luck with your real life snowstorm!

  4. Jamie Dedes Says:

    The wonderful drama of a storm: I like “lingering” and “Tarry”town … Ha! Haven’t been there in years. Enjoyed this, especially the close. Charming.

    Stay warm, dry, and safe.

  5. hedgewitch Says:

    Lots of flurries in this, with a nice up-to-the-heart drift at the end. The time we spend together is finite, so it’s always good to maximize it when you can. Safe travels, k, and a good weekend together instead of alone with not-very-companionable boxes.

  6. brian miller Says:

    get out while you can…we got an inch overnight and its gone now…sadly…we caught the very tail end of what you are getting pounded with….

  7. G-Man Says:

    Upstate NY is not the place to be this week-end.
    I just loved the underlying urgency to beat the storm and to get to where you are going.
    Loved the pic.
    Loved your I-Phone 55
    I feel honored that you would go to this much trouble, you make me blush. Thanks for playing, I hope all is well, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. Deborah Says:

    My prayers for everyone there~ wonderful amazement at such a surplus of snow!

  9. Now that looks like *some* weather

  10. I love that picture of the icy water. I’d love to be snowed in but we only got a crummy five inches. The wind sure was creating havoc though. Love your 55! Anything to do with trains!

  11. Babe, I hope you beat it, too. My ex-dad-in-law is on Long Island, in Long Beach… they are going to get hit, just as he got back in the house after Sandy. Called my ex to make sure he stays in touch with his father… Rob hadn’t even called his dad yet, and I was a bit annoyed. His dad was the only person to be nice to me after our divorce! Stay warm, and remember, keep lots of bottled water. Great 55. Peace, AMy

  12. I hope you made it…We don’t get much snow here, but I have experienced snow storms in other areas I have lived in….Hope all are safe and warm!

  13. David King Says:

    This is very evocative. I’ve never faced the prospect of being snowed in ALONE. Your poem opens up prospects I had never thought about.

  14. zongrik Says:

    run to the store and get as many staples and supplies as you think you might need

    journey with a new friend

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