Streaming Winter (Cinquain)


Streaming Winter

Flowing frozen,
Floating frozen over
Flowing, growing floes of frozen


The above is a slightly silly cinquain (what is this with the alliteration!?)  a five line syllabic poem, for With Real Toads, hosted by Marian (of Runaway Sentence).  (For more on cinquains, read Marian’s very imformative post.)  Above and below are photos of some wonderfully frozen water.  I will probably post more at some point as it is the kind of thing that I at least can’t stop photographing or videoing even though the pictures are never as good as the real thing and IT IS COLD!!!!!!!!

P.S. I’ve edited since posting.  Agh.


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33 Comments on “Streaming Winter (Cinquain)”

  1. kateri Says:

    It sums up a frozen stream very well, though.

  2. Mary Says:

    I enjoyed your cinquain, but your photos were wonderful! Yes, I can understand how COLD it is there….and it is the same here. (And, ha, I am not out with my camera though!)

  3. Frozen water…our creek just look like these, K ~ Nice cinquain ~

    (can you please allow those with google blogs to also comment? )


    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Hi Grace, thanks. I did not realize there was an issue with google blogs commenting. Agh. I will check and fix (to the degree I can.) So sorry. k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I am not sure what I am supposed to do to change this honestly. I am looking in my settings. If you know, let me know. k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Grace, I actually think this is a google problem. I have a google blog that I started but don’t use, and sometimes the existence of this old blog keeps me from being able to comment properly on blogspot blogs. I think it may work in the reverse for certain blogspot blogs, keeping the bloggers from recognizing this one, because it’s not my google blog. I am a bit afraid to delete the blogspot one in case it does something to my other google accounts, but may try it. k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Well, I deleted the other account now in the end, so we’ll see if it makes a difference! HOpe so. k.

  4. Marian Says:

    ohhh, love this, actually! very very nice cinquain! i like em with alliteration, all playful & such, like that stream. excellent!

  5. Really had fun reading this out loud, k, and all those soft plosives and labials do mimic a watery sort of they’re just fun to read. The photos are gorgeous, and the form is nice and choppy-smooth, like the frozen fast flowing flows of faux-frozen fractals your syllables serve up.

    • btw, I can’t use my google blog id here or at many other word press blogs either, which is why you always see my twitter ID. I had no idea you(as the wordpress person) could fix it, but if you can, great, because this type of ID doesn’t link back to people’s blogs. I’m pretty sure word press does it on purpose ;_)

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        I’ve written them to see what I can do. I have the broadest possible settings pretty much. On the other side, the blogger ones sometimes do weird things to mine if I try to use the Open I.D.–so I have to type in the whole address. Maybe I should do some kind of upgrade.

        Thanks for letting me know. I see Mary and Brian – but I don’t know what machinations they go through. k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks – I edited it to put the “grows” instead of another floats or something like that which had a great sound, but the ice really does kind of grow – amazing to see on all the twigs and branches. I took little movies which are quite lovely because of the way the water and light play under the ice – a lot of little blips and blurps but harder to post.

      • Yes, I like the vowel sounds in grows/float as a little assonance to fit in with the alliteration, too. It reads nicely both ways,, but this may get your point across a little more subtly.

        AFA the wordpress/blogger duels, I’m convinced they make themselves incompatible with each other on purpose, to get people to try to ditch one or the other. I remember when everyone decided they had to switch to wordpress because blogger wouldn’t allow certain comments, now it’s word press that is the one that makes it very hard to comment without an assigned wordpress ID. I doubt there’s really much you as the operator can do about it. (I need to delete my old gravatar account, I think, which is what I think is causing me a lot of issues on word press.) Thanks for giving it a try, k–and hope deleting your old account was not a big hassle.

      • hedgewitch Says:

        I just found out you *can’t* delete a wordpress account. Amazing. I am stuck with it forever, even if I close the associated email. So I’ve tried to clean up the Id and see if I can post. Pardon me for using your blog as an experiment!!

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        No problem. But it seemed to work once I deleted my blogspot account. I know I’ve had a lot of trouble lately with certain blogs where it will say I don’t own a certain identity, mainly because it keeps trying to make me use the google one. Now that that’s gone maybe it will work. At least your comment came through even before you deleted your wordpress account. So sorry! Like apple/microsoft! Ha.

  6. Lovely photos…and words. I think you did quite well with your cinquain.

  7. Well, I like it ~ I don’t think it silly ~ and I love the alliteration 🙂

  8. David King Says:

    Brrrr, but tres beautiful. A lovely post.

  9. janehewey Says:

    wonderful sounds and movement to your cinquain, and your photos are really beautiful.

  10. So clever the way you have captured the idea of water freezing and refreezing.. such gorgeous pics too.

  11. ND Mitchell Says:

    Love the flow of these lines which capture the mood of the piece perfectly 🙂 Great photos too.

  12. brian miller Says:

    ha…nice…the alliteration really makes this flow off the tongue as well and play off the subject of your poem….really nicely done k

  13. Helen Says:


  14. Lucid Gypsy Says:

    I like alliteration and I like your work – makes me realise how lazy I am not learning how to craft poetry.

  15. Makes it sound cold, like winter- perfect.

  16. Here in Wisconsin, everything is frozen!! Loved the repetitive words, kind of like a stutter. It brought the polite cinquain form into “Danger, Will Robinson!” territory, which means it’s terrific! Amy

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