Somewhere Under the Sidewalk (Subway NYC) – Flash Friday 55


Somewhere Under the Sidewalk (Subway NYC)

He was silvered–not in the usual sense–hair only bit not greyed –

Oh–and two beige bands (leg) between shimmer pants, chrome socks –

and the eyes, focusing from foil-creased sockets, whites yellowed–irritated
train’s twist toppled

his pole-wedged bike, though,
as oilcan funnel hat
unhandlebarred—we other riders ahhed, understanding, tin.


Here’s a flash 55 for the G-Man – true story of Tin Man sighted on train yesterday.  It took a while to figure out who he was, then felt rude to take pic in confined train car, but after holding the door for him and his bike, and well, falling behind him, I felt a little more justified in trying to get a shot.

Have a nice weekend.  And if you get a chance, check out my books! Poetry, GOING ON SOMEWHERE, (by Karin Gustafson, illustrated by Diana Barco). 1 Mississippi -counting book for lovers of rivers, light and pachyderms, orNose Dive. Nose Dive is available on Kindle for just 99 cents! Nose Dive really is very funny and light hearted, and 1 Mississippi is a lot of fun for little teeny kids. 

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12 Comments on “Somewhere Under the Sidewalk (Subway NYC) – Flash Friday 55”

  1. rebelle Says:

    What a picture you painted! I read it twice.

  2. I lived in NYC the first year married and loved the odd folks there doing their own thing. Good capture.

  3. brian miller Says:

    haha…i love it…you see all kinds on the subway…it def adds a bit of texture to the ride…he probably is a performer…

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Yes, my sense is that he was going to Central Park to enact the Tin Man on the sidewalk there. I think he was just taking the bike to get it across from Brooklyn. k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      PS – I’ve had to let go of the nanowrimo for the last week or so. I have been super busy at work. I don’t feel bad because of not doing it as I’ve done it successfully three times or so in terms of the word count, but this is a book/story I would like to write up so have to figure out have to get the time and faith to keep it up. Hope all well. k.

  4. I doubt that someone who dresses as the Tin Man would be embarrassed to have his picture taken, but your good manners do you credit, k. Love your tags on this one. Good luck on your novel. I am enjoying revisiting my truly over-anxiety-laden teen years via Nose Dive.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. Your nose looks fine (though I can understand there are all sorts of reasons for anxiety.) (My nose is okay too, actually, but my mother was tormented by hers until middle age when an hairdresser called it “strong” and told her how great it was.) Thanks.

  5. He should move to Covent Garden. Although the competition there is fierce! 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  6. G-Man Says:

    You see it all on a subway don’t you
    I love performance art, it’s MUCH better than Pan Handlers!
    Loved your 55 MD
    Congrats on your book, I hope it does well
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. Margaret Says:

    Makes it interesting, I’d say. One never knows what the subway will provide for entertainment.

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