Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) Off the Computer – Writing by hand…errr… (Pearl!)

It can be hard to write in a notebook, once you’ve gotten used to a computer.

But it really can be done if you put your mind to it,

and sink in your teeth.


I am reposting these pictures from a prior Nanowrimo when my dog Pearl was a bit younger and a lot more helpful.  

I am, in fact, writing my novel by paw (errr… hand.)   At the moment, however, I can hardly imagine transcribing it – first, because my vision is pretty bad, and secondly because the story is so slow!   Oddly, I know where it is supposed to go, but it does not want to go there very rapidly.  I worry this is also fall-out from writing poetry – poems- mine anyway – tend to get involved with the moment, memory, reflection – not so much with, you know, chase scenes.

And then there’s Pearl’s refusal to help out!  At seventeen and a half, she’s not very involved in chase scenes either.  Agh.

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14 Comments on “Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) Off the Computer – Writing by hand…errr… (Pearl!)”

  1. Ravenblack Says:

    Very cute.
    All the best for Nanowrimo!

  2. brian miller Says:

    ha. so doe pearl write anything good? you really should post some of it…smiles…hope the writing is going well…i def prefer long hand but on longer pieces go for the computer…

  3. I’m in awe, no matter how slow you are, that you’re writing a novel! I prefer writing on the computer now, it’s so much faster.

  4. Mama Zen Says:

    These are so cute!

  5. janehewey Says:

    Chase scenes..? Fantastic. I can’t wait to read it. Will we get to read it or part of it here, when you are finished? Pearl is clearly a darling dog who has had her paw on the pulse of things. Seventeen is a time for dogs to slow down, I suppose. It appears she was a gifted writing in her prime.

  6. Wonderful pictures Karin – really made me smile. I admit though that I’m terrible at writing with a pen. If I want to be able to actually read back what I’ve written then I need a keyboard!

  7. hedgewitch Says:

    Pearl will transcribe it for you–if she has trouble with the pen, just have her bark it out while you type. I ‘m not sure what the whole point is of writing a novel because you are supposed to meet a quota, but I could never conceive of writing a novel anyway, so don’t think I have a clue about it. ( I do think having an outside push to write can make us set and meet goals we wouldn’t otherwise. ) Good luck with it, and maybe it will reach a hatching point and take off.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. You are right. I think the point is to be able to tell other people to buzz off because you are busy writing your novel. At least that’s what Pearl is always doing.

      I have done the plain word goals a few different times so that’s not so compelling at this point. What’s driving me crazy aside from not having time is that I actually have sort of a story, that I’ve written large chunks of during another nanowrimo, but I am having a hard time getting to those places. Maybe that is good as I already have that writing (more or less), but I am just amazed at how long it is taking me to get my characters to any action. And I’m down enough about it all I can only manage the pen. It’s like writing out of a sidelong glance. Agh. k.

      • hedgewitch Says:

        Well, sometimes we see more in a sidelong glance than when we stare till our eyes cross. I also use a pen when I’m just working things out or scribbling first impressions –notes if you will–then later the writing comes. Hopefully Pearl will be a good editor and give you some guidance when that time comes. ;_)
        Happy Thanksgiving K.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        Sidelong glance is super important in my book. (I mean by that playbook; M.O.) k.

  8. ayala Says:

    Karin, this is a delight 🙂

  9. […]   Thanks, Kerry!    I am also linking this post to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night.   Pearl (my dog) and I are currently working on Nanowrimo so couldn’t get a new poem up […]

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