Beyond Fleece-Enlightened Use Of Used Plastics






400 pounds of used bottles, cake tins, egg crates, and assorted packaging made light by Katharine Harvey. At the World Financial Center, downtown NYC, through May 11.

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13 Comments on “Beyond Fleece-Enlightened Use Of Used Plastics”

  1. brian miller Says:

    that is very cool….what a cool way of recycling…it def has its own kinda beauty you know…smiles…

    hey your link is busted at IP….

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    That’s amazing–and one would think, flammable! But hopefully not, because it’s gorgeous.

    • If it did catch fire, it would give off toxins like you would not believe. I lived near a recycling center full of plastics; it caught fire and the whole neighborhood was stench city. Closed all my windows, taped around the sills in my daughter’s room! Ick.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        You are right. We did not live as far as one would like from Ground Zero when the fire was below ground. The smell was awful — carpets, plastic, etc.

        But I am not sure the artist here is advocating these chandeliers as a regular product, and I didn’t really mean to either. I’m not sure what they should do with all these used plastics – a difficult problem–as you note – very hard to dispose of. k.

  3. MD, this is a breathtaking sight! I find beauty especially in the asymmetry of the chandelier as a whole. It is a zen sort of thing.

    I see you still have that pesky “follow-up comments” auto-checked. Did you try my fix? Have to go into Dashboard, not just Comments. Here’s the link, and if you still have problems, please feel free to email me at sharplittlepencil (AT) gmail (trying to prevent robots!). I’ll walk you through it, but try this first:

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Now this comment went into Spam! I saw your post but didn’t do it – partly because I was afraid it would trigger some other block and I told myself to just remember to unclick the stupid thing. I will try it though because I don’t remember so I’m constantly having to delete the followings lately. Crazy. Thanks much. k.

  4. David King Says:

    Brilliant – and it makes a brilliant post! Thanks for showing.

  5. ManicDDaily Says:

    […] The above is a detail of a chandelier of recycled plastic bottles made by Katherine Harvey that was hung in the World Financial Center last year. Although I think plastic is dreadful stuff— it breaks down and gets absorbed into the bloodstreams and guts of all kinds of creatures–Harvey’s sculpture was stunning. ¬†More pics can be seen here.¬† […]

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