Black Friday – Blessed By Pines

The day after Thanksgiving.  This, weirdly, has become known as Black Friday.  I can only assume that the reason is that any day spent rushing around stores has a certain bleakness.

The original Black Friday was September 24, 1869, a day that financial panic hit the gold market due to manipulations by robber barons Jay Gould and James Fisk.  (Again, I’m not sure of the connection to post-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping.  The fear of gold losing its value over the course of a single day?)

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of the day outdoors.

Above is a video of treetops, blown by wind, not searching out anything but sun; evergreens, yes, but way too tall to worry about Christmas coming.

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2 Comments on “Black Friday – Blessed By Pines”

  1. David Feldman Says:

    Unfairly not doubt, we force black to carry many negative associations, but not in those circles most frequented by accountants.

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