Lord Help Us! The Tea Party and Climate Change

According to a recent New York Times article, Tea Partiers tend not to believe in climate change, or, if they do at least accept statistics of changing temperatures, they do not believe that the causes have anything to do with man.  One big rationale for this doubt is apparently religious faith.  The classic Tea Party reading of the Bible seems to be that since the Earth (and all of creation) is made to be used, or as some say, “utilized,” by man (read Americans), he/we can’t really wreck it.

“They’re trying to use global warming against the people,” Lisa Deaton, founder of We The People Indiana, said. “It takes away our liberty.”

“Being a strong Christian,” she added, “I cannot help but believe the Lord placed a lot of minerals in our country and it’s not there to destroy us.”

Some variations on this thought.

I cannot help but believe:

  1. That the Lord placed a lot of sea turtles on our coasts, and that we are here to destroy them.
  2. That the Lord placed a ton of ice in our polar caps so that there’d be plenty for us to destroy.
  3. That the Lord placed a lot of bacteria in our world, some of which, without the aid of modern antibiotics, would destroy us.
  4. That the Lord put some deserts in our country and that with the help of massive water re-routing we can make a whole bunch more.
  5. That the Lord not only put all these minerals in our country but also gave us the ability to strip mine and hydrofrack the hell out of it.

Oh, great.

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