Snake in the Grass?

Hello Blog World, 

I am kind of a bear market right now, in terms of creative output.  In part, this is because I can’t find, or just can’t give myself, space, time, quiet.  The fractiousness of the world is hard to shake-off, and the pressure of disturbance seems to infiltrate even inner life. 

In these circumstances, it is also hard to believe that making one’s art matters very much.   Weirdly, reading is one of the few places where I, at least, find relief.  But the world is such a jumble, it’s hard to believe it needs , or will read, anything that I might put out.

Yes, a writer should write just because they enjoy the writing.  And, obviously, I do enjoy writing.  But working on a project, finishing a project, can be hard; it typically involves a fair amount of self-criticism and punishing embarrassment!  And, of course, concentration. 

Anyway, I vent/ explain/look for comfort! 

Luckily, I am not so invested in drawing, which I do out of a pure almost childish love, with very little expectation, and not even too much need for encouragement (!), so will maybe post little pics for a while. 

Take care!  

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