Under Wing


Hello! I’ve been away but am back! This note is a bit cheerier than the drawing above, but there it is. Hard to be too cheery, with hearings like those in DC today–

Take care–

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3 Comments on “Under Wing”

  1. Jim Says:

    Cute, Karin. I’ve always heard of the young being under the wind of the mother but haven’t noticed any with the birds around here. I think maybe I’ve seen a mother chicken doing that on our farm growing up. Not sure.
    We’ve been on a cruise, cross Atlantic to South Hampton, U.K. On the fifth day of 16 Mrs. Jim contracted the COVID and was quarantined. On the fourth daily test I showed positive and was isolated with her. We think the ones in close spaces without masks gave it to us in an elevator, lots doing that there. We had to be observed and tested negative for 10 days for U.S. entry, I still had five to go, the Mrs. one. We were then carried to Portsmouth, England, to finish that and so came home a week later than expected.
    I hope nothing like that affected you for your absence. Rather something nice like working on another children’s book.
    BTW, Mrs. Jim, KP, and her mom, three generations, went to NYC to baby sit KP’s sister’s cat while she was out of town for a week. They returned Sunday night, had left the Thursday of the second week before (May 26 to June 5). They scoped out the welcoming section of the Today show to find exactly where to stand for that to begin. It worked, they were first, with a loud “We’re from Houston, Texas!!” I was alerted and watched and recorded that session.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Dear Jim–I did not see your comment. Thank you. I am so sorry that you got stuck in quarantine, but it sounds like you had mild cases and are better now. I used to walk by the Today Show window frequently, but I have not been regularly in the City. Sounds like you guys are busy! Take care! k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Dear Jim (second message) –I did go on your blog but I can’t sign in somehow. (I don’t use my google account much.) Sorry–I am glad you’ve had such a good life! k.

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