A Thing About Word Games In Hard Times

A Thing About Word Games In Hard Times

The good thing about a word game
is that it occupies your mind,
fills the brain like a picture
in which you find

the hidden objects, the candle
that looks like a bed post,
the hour glass disguised
as a crust of toast—

Such puzzles take up space
and if done fast,
make words like “blood” or “puddle”
pass in a flash, 
as you move on to the next
word, clue, combination—
a way of avoiding thinking
about abomination—

But, when those who head
armies, parties, states,
play so very heartily,
the charm abates—

the “hidden objects” now bodies;
words like “puddle” and “blood”
not flashing by, but huddling
in yards and streets, a flood

of the unspeakable. Lies, slurs, and
misdirection by the hour.
oh, what games are played
in the name of power. 


Another poem for April, and all going on.  Very much a draft.  (This poem is not really about the subway attack in Brooklyn, but my heart goes out to my very dear New York City, all the brave people there who have put up with so much.)

Would note in passing that the poem is also not just about Putin’s comments on the Ukraine (though obviously the picture is oriented towards that) but all kinds of misdirection everywhere—

Have a good day.

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One Comment on “A Thing About Word Games In Hard Times”

  1. Helen Says:

    The longer I looked at your art, the more I saw! I read your poem slowly … quite an impact! Love the subtle rhyme.

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